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10 Dance

Alt Names: alt 10Dancealt テンダンス
Author: INOUE Satou
Artist: INOUE Satou
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaShounen Ai Shounen AiSports SportsYaoi Yaoi
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Sugiki, a standard ballroom dancer, offers to teach Suzuki, a latin american dancer, ballroom in exchange for Suzuki to teach him in return.

Their names are similar, but their personalities are totally opposite, just like their dance. When the two meet, something's bound to happen!
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I remember when yuri on ice started and I thought that the plot was yes particular but it wasn't new...this is the manga i was thinking about,I just realized

Newest chapter = YES YES YES!


God it's so nice to have a series that's genuinely about a specific subject, but where the lead guys have an organically written romance as well. And the art is always so gorgeous. We are not worthy.

Well I'm glad to see one of them has stopped dancing around the issue.


Just gong to see myself out now.....  

again, thanks for the scan

The art and writing in this manga are too damn good!

Oh man, I wish I could see them "Liquid Lead"!!



I can't help but imagine how gorgeous they'd look

Oh, about time they did something. Kind of sudden, but good for them, I guess


But wow that must have been awkwaaaard for the guy who walked in on them

Thank you for picking that up! I was desperate to read it. It's so beautifully drawn, with danc at the center of it all... Cannot thank you enough !

This is such a good manga. The way it's sexually charged is unique and fun, I really like how it focuses on dancing as much as the characters who love dancing so much.

Thank you so much for the chapter, this is such a good manga!!! 

OMG that last panel was great

Me encanta. En alguna escena no podía parar de reirme. ¡¡¡Gracias!!! Maravillosos coloreados. <3 

It has almost been a year. Please don't take this away from me.

I'm sad that this probably won't be scanlated anymore... either way, I'll be trying to find the copies online to purchase (: 

This art is gorgeous, absolutely staggering, and the characterization is pretty consistent and good too. Very well done

Thanks Nakama scans!! This series is great fun.

Man I love this. The comedy is a perfect mix with the UST and it makes for an extremely entertaining mix! the art is also lovely and fluid enough to convey the movements of dance. 

Hey, anyone knows when the next chapter will be published? I am not talking about the scan version, but of the original Japanese.

Man, I loooove this manga, I need more!!!!!!!!!!!


Also, I hope the atmosphere will remain this: super fun! I like the other mangas of sensei, but they are way too sad, I like this one much better!!!!

Such sexy moves *drools*

Sugiki is so amazing with his waltz that even men feel like they could have a million babies.



THIS IS A MUST READ!!!! Can't wait for the next chapter >.<

Such a lovely drawing style <3

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