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Alt Names: alt 1 out of 11alt 1/11 じゅういちぶんのいちalt 1/11 Juuichi Bun no Ichialt 1/11 Juuichi Bunno Ichialt 1/11 Juuichi Bunnoichialt 11分之1alt じゅういちぶんのいちalt 十一分之一alt Juu-ichi Bun no Ichialt Juuichibun no Ichialt One out of Elevenalt Satu per Sebelas
Author: Nakamura Takatoshi
Artist: Nakamura Takatoshi
Genres: Drama DramaRomance RomanceShounen ShounenSlice of Life Slice of LifeSports SportsSupernatural SupernaturalTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Andou Sora felt the limit of his talent, and quit soccer after middle school graduation. However, an encounter with a representative of Japan's national womans team, Wakamiya Shiki, moved something that slept deep inside Sora's heart.
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man even after 5 years only 12 chapters, i really liked it too


anyone knows how it ends or atleast if Andou achieves his dreams? I assume he gets together with that manager girl too

Im not crying, Im just sweating from my eyes

Thanks for this Fallen Syndicate.


This manga is just full of feels

ohno this still lives

every chapter is great. the only thing that i would consider a downside would be the non-linear arrangement of the chapters.

was long ago released by Shoujo Sense though (chapter 11 too)... so no much respect needed in my opinion

It's been over 2 months Hemony. They're also doing it in better quality, stay salty.

Huge respect for Fallen Syndicate to continue translating this

was long ago released by Shoujo Sense though (chapter 11 too)... so no much respect needed in my opinion

my all fave chap are ch4 and 7, i broke down at ch7 since it resonates with me , but all chapters are pretty great imo


This is the only manga that brings me to tears for pretty much every chapter T^T

Love it so much

Huge respect for Fallen Syndicate to continue translating this

Thank you Fallen Syndicate.

Well, isn't this a blast from the past. Huh. Guess I'll have to go searching for the other chapters, then.

I wonder why all the chapters were originally removed.


Well, if you're looking for them, check kissmanga or something.

Well well welly well, that was fucking unexpected

oh man this manga is so good, why no group scanlating this anymore


If only 1/11 avalaible in my country T_T

Too bad this one will probably never be scanlated to completion.

Oh my, this manga is realky good.

1/11 will end in Jump SQ issue #7 (04/06):



Volume 9 cover:


Rather then debating on which chapter is the best, I'll rather see how the author is handling the MC's plot.

For which I can already guess that all it currently is, is just a very long prologue.

Then later down the line would be the real story of how the MC and his soccer team mates(all the other characters introduced), competing in the World Cup.

That every chapter is essentially self contained, and would just work dandy without "Sora" + "Soccer", makes it apparent that these two things, just feel forced. But in some cases, they even keep the story down, even thought some of them (chapters) had the potential to be great.


So, I would want to just treat them as collected short stories/one-shots and rate them as such. But I can´t, since they all "connect"........sigh*

Instead, I will rate them invidually on how good each chapter is, with the addition to how the forced SS "combo" worked.


Ch1 - 5/10, I´m fine with supernatural and how it ended if it was a short story/one-shot. But it´s not a short story/one-shot. 8/10 if it was.

Ch2 - 5/10, stock story, been done to death. But it´s done good here, just boring read. SS combo okay.

Ch3 - 9/10, my favourite one, rare premise, touching and feels real. With a smashing awesome ending. SS combo forced.

Ch4 - 8/10, quite moving, is satisfying, wife is one-dimensional. Soccer work, Sora is so forced..............

Ch5 - 2/10, so forced with the SS combo that I couldn´t even care more, even if somebody killed some puppies.

Ch6 - 3/10, boring read, SS combo okay

Ch7 - 2/10, "I like soccer, I like drama, I like soccer again", SS combo? Shoot me

Ch8 - 3/10, potential to make Sora face how being a dick as a kid, may come back and bite you in the end lost. SS combo could have been great.....but no.

Ch9 - 3/10, so much potential for the history nerd + yankee girl duo. But all potential gone with the ultra forced SS combo.


Ch 3+4 are so good that how the rest turned out just boogles my mind.


My recommendation is just to read volume 1, and the first chapter of volume 2. Chapter 3+4 is something you don´t want to miss, the rest? Can´t belive they are from the same author.


Side note - art is great.

Chapter 4 still is the best.

Best Chapters IMO:

1, 2, 3, 7

tho all the chapters are pretty good

This manga is so good that I want to give the mangaka a thank - you hug.

Yes........ good job. You figured it out.



I gotta say, I wasn't sure if he was serious or cracking a joke. You would think anyone would realize that in a sec but...who knows...

Great manga.

Only thing I don't like is the obvious logical flaw in chapter 1.



Yes........ good job. You figured it out.



So pretty much every character's got a girl on the side line cheering for them, while Makabe Shinichiro, has a trap-ish looking guy :P

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