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17-Sai Natsu - Seifuku no Jouji

Alt Names: alt 17 sai Natsu Seifuku no Joujialt 17-sai Natsu -Seifuku no Jouji-alt 17岁,夏.制服的情事alt 17歳夏 制服の情事alt The Affair of my 17th Yearalt The Summer Uniform Affair of My 17th Year
Author: Watanabe Shiho
Artist: Watanabe Shiho
Genres: Drama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSmut Smut
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: A collection of short oneshots:

1) 17 Sai Natsu
Aki connfessed one year ago to Yoh, but he was going out with someone at the time. So, when she finds out they broke up; what she does might be good at first. But in the end will she be happy with Yoh? Or will something go horribly wrong?

2) 17 Sai Fuyu
Yui loves Maki, (childhood friend), but does Maki love her? During winter break she goes to her aunt's (where Maki lives) and confesses her love. Does Maki love her too? Or is she going to end up with a broken heart?

3) 17 Sai Haru
One sentence is all I've ever wanted to hear from her. That's all. I love her. But I can't, I'm not allowed. She's my brother's fiance. Even so, I'll do anything to make her mine. If I hurt her, bring her pain, well, as long as I can be with her. I don't care if she hates me.

4) 17 Sai Aki
Nao is in love with her Sempai. His brother confesses to her, and she uses him to get to the guy she likes. Will it work? Will she get her beloved Sempai?
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Nothing clean or fluffy here. Just the most desperately sordid teenage love affairs won solely through the dirtiest tactics around. The kind of lying, cheating, and stealing that only makes sense when you're drowning in hormones and don't know what consequences are. It's kinda funny, though: I don't hate it. It feels like everyone knows how much of a scumbag they are, nobody thinks that any of this shit is a good idea, and even when people are driven by love to do awful things, it's because that their love has broken them, not because their love magically redeems all their shitty behaviour. It's a subtle but significant difference, really.


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