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2 Dome no Koi wa Usotsuki

Alt Names: alt 2度目の恋は嘘つきalt 2nd Love - Once upon a lie
Author: HATA Akimi
Artist: HATA Akimi
Genres: Josei JoseiRomance Romance
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Sumi has hopelessly loved Natsuki since she was 18. Now she's 28 years old, works at a cosmetics company, and has managed to miss out on most of her prime dating years by pining after one boy. One day, an interesting new cafeteria opens at Sumi's company, a 'garçon' style restaurant staffed by pretty young men. One of those men is Natsuki's younger brother, Satsuki! Satsuki knows about her long-standing crush, and teases her mercilessly. However, when she is crushed by the news of Natsuki's impending marriage, Satsuki helps her save face. Could there be something between Sumi and Satsuki, or is he just messing with her?
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I've been waiting for this for forever hope it gets an update.

Too bad it looks like this is dropped. How mortifying.

Carino, complimenti!

It's pretty interesting, I really love Sumi's character. Sometimes characters seems cold but they cry so easily in the end, she's different, even if she's not tha cold.

I'm waiting next chapter!!
The fact that he insults her constantly gets me mad on principle, but he's cute . . .
It's fun, for all that, but, no chapters, so sucks. What now?
This has a lot of potential
Would love to see more of this for sure.
Well this seems interesting.

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