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A Gentle Man

Alt Names: alt ふんわり男alt Funwari Otoko
Author: Asano Inio
Artist: Asano Inio
Genres: Romance RomanceSeinen Seinen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: One shot sponsored by Funwari Liquor
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Theres a live action version of this from funwari. (might be a sequel?)
You can toggle between the 3 versions of the video while watching.

Found the youtube links from the site's page source.

I-I... didn't see that mantis even after reading 3 of the same chapter. 

Ohman <3 the perspective versions just added to the cuteness <3 <3

Such a clever and cute story! I love the different perspectives.

 ​ohhhh I wish my girlfriend was this cute..........XP...........

                     " IF I HAD ONE! "

The praying mantis bit was wonderful.

Somehow reminded me of this

I had to reread if the mantis was their from the very start.

The praying mantis bit was wonderful.

The sweet kiss hmmm.


Great one-shot.

It was nice, whatever it was.

Purveyors of intoxication sponsoring Inio...


I can't decide whether it's appropriate, redundant, or just flippant and hilarious.

damn, this is so cute. 

Wow, art is good. Kind of old but new at the same time, like Asano Inio. Realistic yet with such cuteness. And those backgrounds, hahah, it looks just like Asano Inio's way of using photographs.

That monologue too. Way to flesh out a character in just a handful of pages. Man, looks like I've found a good author, I wonder if he wrote anything else!

>Author: Asano Inio

... horrifying and brilliant.


Asano tends to do that a lot.

Did I just read a really really good advertisement for liquor?

It was a painfully cute and sweet story, and now I'm going to remember the name Funwari Liqour in association with this adorableness.

That's horrifying and brilliant. Dammit.


Adorable as hell.

Adorable and realistic. Love these little slice of life pieces form this artist.

Nice, very nice!

That is hella cute way being tsun and straight girl.

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