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Adonis Next Door

Alt Names: alt 男神在隔壁alt My Cute Neighbooralt Nanshen zai gebialt Tatlı Komşum
Author: Mao Sier & Ping Ping Jun
Artist: Ba Xiao Da & Keai & Xiao Hei
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceShoujo ShoujoSlice of Life Slice of LifeWebtoon Webtoon
Type: Manhua (Chinese)
Status: Ongoing
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Ch.64 Read Online
Freezing Translator Foremost 5 days ago
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Freezing Translator Foremost 2 weeks ago
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Freezing Translator Foremost 2 weeks ago
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Valhalla Scanlation Lalo2604 2 weeks ago
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Overdose of manga yuu98 3 weeks ago

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Embrace yourselves, the confession is near. Or maybe not, probably Pasta is gonna be an asshole and back to square one.
Ah, The old cut and paste drama script, love triangle followed by emergency with cherished pet...
Is this an official comic or is this like a challenge league comic, some of the stuff in it don't really seem.....official-worthy? Like that panel with pasteur(?) looking mad but his eyes are facing different directions

childish bullying tactics at THIS AGE? Grow the fuck up

Why is his name chagning from qin to pasteur to qin? also in http://bato.to/reader#b641cbc09271e8af_4 its, it's his GRANDfather not father.

Still this is a nice series, with an unconventional couple. Even if the "Hey i just met you" turns to "oh your my boss" has been used before

I could have sworn the MC had a different name.

There is official translation of this? I doubt that official translation would use such horrendous typesettig.

The watermark at the final panel "Fames.net "


http://www.fames.net/famesnetSimplifyApi/ , So I guess it's official ?


Edit: Well, it seems it's from  this Valhalla group now.

Are there several Japanification happened here with the new scanlation mmm...~?

For a seemingly generic and clichéd shoujo manhua this is actually quite fun, much appreciated.

edit:what happened to Qin Mo and Su Shuang Shuang?

Is this a rip from an official translation ?

There is official translation of this? I doubt that official translation would use such horrendous typesettig.

Is this a rip from an official translation ?

Ma scusate,  avete visto che nei primi 2 capitoli non c'è nulla? Nel terzo c'è solo una pagina...

Anche se li ricarico vengono sempre così... Non solo con questo manga, ma anche con tutti gli altri a cui sto lavorando. In previsione di ciò, ho caricato i capitoli su altri siti: mangaeden e itascan

Ma scusate,  avete visto che nei primi 2 capitoli non c'è nulla? Nel terzo c'è solo una pagina...

Haha that doorman! Thumbs up, you won back your cheating man!
I wanted to continue, but the female MC behavior is too much for me.


Not trying to be an asshole but your translations aren't perfect either. Leaving sfx without even a transliteration... Sure it's your choice... but isn't it the pot calling kettle black?

Second, as the scanlators wrote, we know japanese suffixes and some words BECAUSE some translator said "f*ck it, i'm not gonna translate all those: san, chan, sama, pyon, desu~, nya~, mukya~ etc. It doesn't make sense for westerners". In manhwa it's the same, so why should we ostracize manhua and chinese language/culture?

But, yes, i agree that they need a proofreader, but that is lack of people so... what can we really do?


About transliteration (this is a word you meant by "putting that word into the Latin Alphabet" i hope), instead leaving original:
- most of the readers can't read chinese/japanese/korean so searching such word without transliteration is very hard task. Why would somebody search it? For fun, for reference, for educational purpose.
- mixing different alphabets breaks the flow when reading single page.

About footnotes: they do exactly that, they put translation to explain the joke leaving original transliteration in the bubble. How do you think they should do it? Translate the joke itself? HELL NO! This is the easiest way to butcher translation of comedy manga/manhua/manhwa. Imagine Gintama being translated like that...

Oh so THAT is the premise here.


I was kind of confused since it was all like "random girl meets a hunk and attacks him for no reason over and over"

This one is a fun read. I also like the translation and the T/N notes. Context matters in comedy.

Apparently, when you harass a person long enough, you'll eventually become their fiiancé...

I'm not quite sure what the proofreader is doing here. The main purpose of a proofreader is to make sure the translation makes sense, and to have chapters as a whole flow together well. Although the translation makes literal sense, the chapters don't really flow together very well.


I realize that it seems to make sense to directly input Chinese words into an English translation of a manhua; after all, in manga, words like "onii-chan" and "baka" are frequently left untranslated. The big difference is that Japanese culture, so to speak, is much more well-known and popular. I'll admit, I've left "baichi" untranslated in a text before, but I've never done it since: it's weird as hell, desu~


On the translation side, I find the characterization to be weak. Yes, the first page of Chapter One is decent: we see that whatsherface is pretty carefree and self-assured. I wonder what happens when a guy comes along who undercuts that? On the whole, however, things are more or less literally translated, making the speech bland, awkward, and less reflective of the characters themselves.


Sure, it's just a fan translation. But as someone who translates Chinese without a proofreader, I generally have higher expectations of a series that has one. Maybe I've just gone crazy from releasing chapters almost every single day~

Why not just translate stuff directly instead of using random chinese words and meanings in the translation and slapping on multiple notes? This is almost at a "just like keikaku" level.


I gotta agree with you there. It's one thing if there's a joke that depends on the native language of the comic or if there's no real equivalent in the language it's being translated into. But when people just DON'T translate stuff and then have the ACTUAL translation as a footnote I immediately go, "What was the point of putting that word into the Latin Alphabet? Why not just keep it in the original? You aren't translating it, so why even bother?" Footnotes are for explaining jokes or cultural references, NOT for the actual translation.


This is a huge pet peeve of mine with a lot of fan translations. I rarely take the time to complain though, because I immediately get push back about how it's free and they're trying so hard and I should be grateful I'm getting something in English at all and if I want something better I should do it myself. Eventually I just realized there wasn't any point in saying anything. Instead, I focus on the good translations. They're rare, and far between, but oh-so-lovely in this sea of half-arsed fan translations.... 


So, thank you random Internet Citizen, you gave me a rare opportunity to vent...

It's only a matter of time before he files a restraining order against her.

"What??? How does he know?" - female protagonist 


This MC......I really want to know how she managed to survive up until now with her creepy stalker-ass behavior and small intellect.

It's possible that they want to keep original jokes hence QinShou/QinShao, also not translating onii-chan, oppa, etc in manga and manhwa is pretty much normal.


I can understand that, but there were other instances where it wasn't really necessary, I respect the translators decicions to do things either way though.

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