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AFO Guard

Alt Names: alt アフォガード
Author: Miki Maki
Artist: Miki Maki
Genres: 4-Koma 4-KomaComedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: From MangaHelpers:

Aizawa Katori goes to a school with an unusual rule. The nearby, separate school building is full of elite male students, and the school wants to prevent any of the female students from getting involved with them. For this reason, all the girl students are required to wear masks! Katori wears a horse-head mask, but she hasn't given up on getting through to her long-ago childhood friend and crush, Shinra. Shinra also has a crush on Katori from when they were children, but he does not recognize her as the strange horse-headed girl who speaks to him! [tethysdust]
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Wait, wait this is huge--


Yay progress!

haha oh Niwa san never change



I'm... Just so happy.

Aizawa best neat girl

Hi someone know when the next chapter will be update ?

I really love this manga ! Shoujo manga are the best ! :)

This is basically something Nozaki would write.

And Ken-san would scrap it.

Wait, Katori is the tsukkomi??


This is basically something Nozaki would write.

I wonder if I can ruin this series for someone by referring to it as "Burqa: The Manga."

Niwa looks like Kashima's personality and Mikoshiba's looks combined.

This is so stupid. Why do I love this so much.

Oh, man! By school festival, day 2 I was just cracking up. I hardly ever actually laugh, out loud, from reading stuff but I was just collapsing.

Vitamin (yeah) Carotene (hoo).


Some videos of the invisible gorilla (not Harambe) mentioned.


more: http://www.theinvisiblegorilla.com/videos.html

Ren-chin's costume... I can't even!!!! XD

That was punny

Nothing warms your heart like 3 minutes in 800W.

Pffft!  That final panel--even if she can't make expressions with her face, since it's shoujo she can still do it with backgrounds!


page 6 and im already dead. picked the fuck up
Looking at it again, this is the one of the few romcoms where the main couple is actually the best couple. Mikami-Korenaga and Ren-Yamato play their shoujo-tropes too straight. Meanwhile, Katori-Shinra is pure wacky stuff, since the comedy comes from both sides.

I really like this couple, it is hard to decide which of the girls I like the most, they all are awesome.

Nothing warms your heart like 3 minutes in 800W.

This is like a shoujo manga for Yuki right now.

Why do I keep on reading this as AFRO Guard still...it's been months already

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