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AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Jourei

Alt Names: alt AKB49alt AKB49 - The Rules Against Lovealt AKB49 - 恋愛禁止条例alt AKB49 – Ren'ai Kinshi Joureialt AKB49: Renai Kinshi Joureialt AKB49: Правила против любви
Author: Motoazabu Factory
Artist: MIYAJIMA Reiji
Genres: Adventure AdventureComedy ComedyDrama DramaEcchi EcchiGender Bender Gender BenderMusic MusicRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: This manga based on the ever popular AKB48 group.

This series is about a guy called Urayama Minoru crossdressing as a girl to participate in a female idol group audition (akb48). The main objective is to help the girl he likes, Yoshinaga Hiroko, pass the audition. Yoshinaga Hiroko's dream is to become like her favourite idol who is in the akb48 group. This audition happens to be her final try, so Minoru crossdresses as Urakawa Minori and takes part in the audition to make sure she realizes her dream. Hiroko got qualified eventually, however, the shocking news was Minoru was qualified as well. Thus, the road to becoming a female idol begins...
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Title Group Contributor Date
Vol.26 Ch.230: Единодушный
JazzWay Team koyanagi 5 days ago
Vol.26 Ch.229: Страдания Йошинаги
JazzWay Team koyanagi 3 weeks ago

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This is surprisingly good. I never know about idol and stuff, but this may have conveyed the message that the mangaka wanted to the readers.. Love it... Thanks for the scanlation teams who have picked up this....

How he never had any morning wood is beyond me

I'm not sure if this counts as shitposting... It's related tho...

oh, bakaei is back...

But Whimsical Meatloaf will do most of the heavylifting here, so please hold back your enthusiasm...</3

oh, bakaei is back...

Well, he's fooling Japan already by hiding his true gender, now he's gonna fool the world! *proceeds to make lavish and suggestive poses*
From being a trap idol local to be a trap idol world
Oh s•••t's going down!

the sister entering AKB is a cliche i didn't know i want to xD

It's more of an NMB cliché though, I think we're at 3 sisters that have entered so far there. xD


And I knew it would be a fake out, even though I really hoped it wouldn't be one.

Once in a while, the author needs to remind us that the MC is a cross-dressing guy.




AKB 49 is a cross dressing manga.

the sister entering AKB is a cliche i didn't know i want to xD

Once in a while, the author needs to remind us that the MC is a cross-dressing guy.



I want to know his sister reaction would be like when she know that he is center of AKB48. 


Good we have some sister view here. 

That fake out. I was seriously convinced.

meh, he was conviced too easily. xD

Yeah, I skimmed it at first. Went back and read all of the updates, and you're right haha.


His sister is just like him when the manga started: bratty/stuck up haha. Maybe Minoru should just be a gigolo if all he has is a pretty face haha.

meh, he was conviced too easily. xD

omg, chapter 224 is so real TwT (I'm a major Yuko fan irl). Thanks PredatorDuck!!

So, what would be more shocking. One member really being a guy or one just announcing her marriage on Stage.

Seeing as we had one of these things just happen yesterday. xD

I thought his wig's gonna blown lol

my thought too. i thought he panicked because the wig could blew when he jump and exposed his identity. turned out he legit afrad of jumping... and the wig sticks like a champ. the F???!?!?!?


I thought his wig's gonna blown lol

I wish he were a real girl... I would've enjoyed this manga about the same if he were a girl and I'd rather have followed his/her career as the AKB center. At this rate, I feel like he's going to get outed and betray/disappoint all his fans.

That's a neat way to announce that, Aki-P.

Thanks predatorduck and Eramemory for taking this project, i hope the translation effort goes smoothly and with no problems

PD: i didnt know about how big the sousenkyo can be, but i find it amusing :)

damn i almost forgot he has a family and a sister too.... hahahahahahaha.... i don't want to re-read this again for the 3rd time to confirmed but im quite sure he has a sister...

anyway, nice group name..

Seldom see Minoru-kun and when you do..

He's eager to get back to being Minori. :|
I wanted moar imouto time tho. :(

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