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Akebi-chan's Sailor Uniform

Alt Names: alt Akebi-chan no Serafukualt 明日ちゃんのセーラー服
Author: Hiro
Artist: Hiro
Genres: School Life School LifeSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Akebi Komichi lives out in the countryside with her family. She's won entrance to the prestigious Roubai Academy middle-school for girls and now she wants only two things -- to wear the school's sailor uniform and to make a hundred friends!
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Ch.1: Two egg yolks OK?
Nojay nojay 2 weeks ago

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Though the setting's different, this is sort of reminding me of Aria - I think because her personality is similar to Akari's.  More fanservice though, which is fine by me.  In fact, I can't think of many things I like better in manga than iyashikei plus fanservice...


Thanks nojay, and looking forward to more.

That seirafuku looks outdated,


It's the same design of serafuku Komichi's mother wore when she was at Roubai Academy, twenty years ago or more (she's the central figure in the graduation picture in page 29 of the prologue chapter). The principal also reminisces that she wore the same uniform when she was a middle-schooler, presumably at Roubai Academy as well. Early Heisei (1989 and later) for mother or late Showa (before 1989) for the principal would match.

cute butt

That seirafuku looks outdated, it seems the model was post-showa era or early-heisei era.
But it look like countryside school uniform

Meanwhile the others wearing Blazers LOL~

Needs and ecchi tag.

cuteness overload...

Yumekuri, yep. That's why I thought this is familiar.

Can someone make a gif out  of the first section of the manga mmm...~?
Your contribution will be very appreciated mmm...

Awwww!! That little sister is sooo cute!

Too cute!

And then, everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

seems like a diabetes manga, another sweet manga is always welcomed by me :D

I want to pinch both of the siblings!! Really cute and good art. 

Enjoy your diabete. Still, I'm surprised there's a publication somewhere willing to take 10+ pages to do a cartwheel/backflip...

This manga is a dose of cuteness I didn't know I needed. It's great!

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