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Anata no Tame nara doko Made mo

Alt Names: alt If it's for you, no matter how far...alt Magical Butleralt Naraku Doku Emakialt Naraku Izuko Emakialt Non-nonalt Non-non no Nochialt Non-non-non
Author: Nakamura Asumiko
Artist: Nakamura Asumiko
Genres: Adventure AdventureComedy ComedyHistorical HistoricalSchool Life School LifeSupernatural SupernaturalYaoi Yaoi
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: In the Anata no Tame nara doko Made mo series:

V.1 - Anata no Tame nara doko Made mo

1.Anata no Tame nara doko Made mo:
Detective Takachiho had finally caught the elusive criminal Nanami Yoichi after chasing him all the way to a remote island. But what will happen to the pair of them when they accidentally miss the ferry home?

2.Magical Butler:
The Butler Tsuruhami tries to turn away a door-to-door salesman, but it won't happen that easily...

3-6.Non-non/ Non-non no Nochi/ Non-non-non:
Ichimaru and Yamada have been friends since the beginning of highschool. Yet the closer they get, the more... awkward their friendship becomes!

V.2 - Naraku Doku Emaki
Anata no Tame nara doko Made mo: Heian Style Special

The serious and straight-laced government official of the Capital and Officer in the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards, Takaichiho no Takumi, just can't ignore the annoying fake onmyouji, Nanatsumi no Hirokazu, who keeps hitting on him. And now he's forced to work on an accident involving ayakashis! But for the pervert Nanatsumi, he uses every chance he has to turn the situation into a dirty one!
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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My sides collapsed reading this entire thing 10/10

Chapter one, page fifteen: Right. I'll just pretend it's that easy to overpower and sexually assault a police officer. Okay then. ._.




The first thing I thought after finishing the first story: Oh god, there needs to be an anime of this. xD

Seriously though. Even just one little OVA. I just need to hear their interactions voiced. xD

Ahhh, this was way too hilarious and cute. It doesn't even ever try to take itself seriously. xD


--EDIT 2--


Alright, after finishing the whole thing I have to say this is officially my favourite BL manga ever. xD It's so funny and cute and sweet. I recommend it for de-stressing after a long day. ^^

Too short! So cute >w<

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That was adorable, I wish there was a bit more though. ;.;

The comments made me laugh a bit  XD

Also, AVTechNO!, atgc, and Shobi thank you for not being mean.  A lot of times I see insulting comments in this sort of mangas but you just showed everyone that you can share an opinion without insulting anybody  or being offensive :)

that was... short
@ぱらふいな れんず まいける : Hahahahahaha!!! Even after noticing your remark I couldn't get a hold on my curiousity but page 4 was where my brain stopped functioning.
Thanks... uh.... Parafina..?
I was about to read it XP
Crap..,I didn't read the tags.,T_T

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