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Alt Names: alt あねどきっ
Author: Kawashita Mizuki
Artist: Kawashita Mizuki
Genres: Comedy ComedyEcchi EcchiHarem HaremRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: From the creator that brought you Ichigo 100% and Hatsukoi Limited comes her latest series: Ane Doki.

The story centers on a 13 year old boy who is pushed around by a mysterious 17 year old girl. First she forces him to let her move in with him, then she takes his bed and that's only the beginning. What's in store for this innocent 13 year old boy whose life is being throw upside down by this girl!?

Ah, the dream of 13! Kouta is our normal everyday boy, living with his fun-loving workaholic father. Lusting after the school idol in his class, playing games with his friend... there's nothing especially noticeable about him. But one day his father has to transfer to Sapporo and then appears a girl who volunteers to be Kouta's live in caretaker. And what a girl!

Everything about her is mysterious: her mysterious incredibly showy body, her mysterious interest in our boy, and her mysterious need to sleep in the same room...

Doki, doki...
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reread = profit.


11/10 would reread again in the future.

First manga I've read. Good memories

This is fluff, but it's oddly memorable fluff.  Maybe because it didn't end up going on for a hundred chapters with umpteen different stupid extra love interests and plot twists.  I still remember it years later and it was fun rereading it just now.

That made my day


It ended... :'(

One of the best manga I ever read.


4 pages 26.5 is hurt.. HURT.

Kinda despaired when it grew close to the ending.. But, it was good *nod *tears T.T
Really glad she won his heart ~ <3

I liked it. It was surprisingly cute.

Hmmm, this was the first manga I remember reading. The strange part is, although I liked it very much, judging from the description, I probably wouldn't pick it up nowadays. I feel kinda old.

This manga was totally sweet ! 

Still one of my favorite romances

does the author have anymore good manga like this? i remember i think when i was in 6th grade i read this all in a day! damn those memories
Damn, this Manga has a lot of hidden potential that's doomed to be hidden. Well, that's part of life...... of Manga...
I agree the series didn't deserve to be axed. Even with the fan service (which the great art makes even more of a service!), it has an appealing innocence to it. Yeah, the story had a lot of cliches in it, but it was handled well, and the characters were really well done. Thanks, Kawashita-Sensei. I wish there could have been more.
Damn this manga didn't deserve to be frikin axed TT
As far as I know, the series is canceled because Shonen Jump drop the series because of the low ranks in their own reader's vote.
That's why the series has the rushed ending.
Yes, the ending was rushed it seems. But it is not as bad as other manga. in fact, this manga was able to maintain its cuteness in the end IMHO
Yes. It was axed. That's why the ending is like that. Romance and Ecchi manga have it rough in WSJ. .
Way too rushed that ending, feeling really disappointed!
I was just checking up on this manga when i saw the extra chapter..i smiled a bit with curiosity peeking. ( i dint bodered by checking how many pges it was) First page OH look he grew up page two..Oh that one girl grew and into a beauty? i wana see page tree his father got really really old...page four..OH its that ice cream stealling tease :o whats whats whats gonna happen!!?!?! click for next page...Blank.....It took me a few seconds to gather my toughts..but i was so dissapointed that i just started to laugh like a mad person...then i did this comment. Good manga just got cut way to fast for me.
Great manga
i remember reading this a few months ago and hoping for a sequel. This "sequel" is a 4 page epilogue...not quite what i hoped for :/
handles endings badly? another toujo aya devotee detected. It was a great ending. Who wants the cliche 1st girl always gets the guy ending. The fact that it diverted from that cliche made it great. Nobody expected tsukasa to be the end girl. It was so unexpectedly good, at the same time it was heartbreaking.

BTW, this manga got axed most likely. Thus the abrupt ending.

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