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Ano Ko no Ie

Alt Names: alt あの子の家alt That Girl's Housealt Её дом
Author: Kumazawa Mikiko
Artist: Kumazawa Mikiko
Genres: Seinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: A slice-of-life manga running in Comic Ryuu that follows the life of a young girl and her neighbor.
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k double post, sorry for that

huh the story was good but in the end it turned out weird


so the mother don't bother searching her daughter ? well of course the daughter come back and been telled by the neighbour old lady that her mother already go to the places she really want to go, and she can come  wherever she want(to her mother new places).... the daughter then thinking living with her mother make her some what empty ? and if she come back it will be the same


wtf , and the daughter seems settled out in the old couple house at the mountain in the end, while her mother was waiting her at the place she really want to go


maybe the places was a flower field ? and the letter that got  sented by his husband(dunno if he still alive or just work far away), or friends ? or her new lover ( assuming her husband already dead)

This is like a japanese version on Coraline .__. an even more weird

Okay, I think I got some things out of this. Vague ideas and assumptions, but honestly tho, that "3 deep 5 me" comment at the end by one of the editors sums it up. And that's frustrating 'cause I greatly enjoyed this short series, with that art and atmosphere. Comfy, like Pampa-Power said. Could've been one of those series that goes on forever, chronicling the little girl's growth + more of her self-discovery, and I'd have liked it. Now, if somebody could explain some things to me without making me feel incredibly dumb for not getting them (that is how I feel right now), that'd be nice

Thanks for the releases Futtari!!

i'm wondering how old is the kid to have such mature views already? nice art though

This manga is comfy.

the first page of first chapter. colorGASM! so pretty. But then the setting got a bit dark~

First chapter was beyond dark. Second was milder. Not sure what to think of this just yet, but I'll stick around.

Sets up a pretty dark atmosphere in chapter 1. Did not expect that at all.

Not your everyday story. Can't wait to see what happens next. :)

wow i did not expect that......

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