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Ashita Dorobou

Alt Names: alt Ashita's Thiefalt 再見明日alt Tomorrow's Thiefalt 明日泥棒
Author: HOKAZONO Masaya
Artist: BETTEN Court
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaEcchi EcchiHarem HaremMystery MysteryRomance RomanceSci-fi Sci-fiSeinen Seinen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Kyouichi Miyasako is the star employee at his company. Why does he work so hard? He doesn’t know either. What he does know is that he sorely misses his girlfriend… the one he broke up with in college because he couldn’t put up with her hobbies any further. One day, an ominous black sphere mysteriously appears in the skies and shoots a laser beam in his direction. He doesn’t get hit, of course, but when the smoke clears, guess who he sees?
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Quoting brand new in the TL notes? My new favorite Translator!!!!

that was really good, I feel a little bad for white ashita but it was part of her decision, a very interesting story, the art was so so, and great final something rare to see in mangas in nowdays.


thank you FS Maigo for the translate.

That was a very satisfying ending, thought it was gonna be a harem ending for a minute. Although true icing on the cake would be if they went back to the point in time they broke up 9 years ago and continued their life from there. Sort of like the ending of jumanji, still a good read.

the plot was... so bad, honestly, too much lovey dovey stuff,


give me a break, i managed to end it, somehow, 3/5 though cause it has that something so u want to read it more and more.



Truth to be told, I hated the characters art. She isn't gorgeous at all! And the guy protagonist ain't that cool as well. But, again, truth to be told, the story is just too.. great. I feel like stop reading this series when I was at 5th chapter or so. But the story, somehow it kept on dragging me to continue. So yeah, I continued. Man, it was great. I liked the ending, it was truly satisfying. But if they came up with better characters art before, it would've been even more awesome.


I really hate that midget who thinks she can get whatever she wants

This is one of those works you wish you had more of.

A definite read!

D'awww, that was an adorable read.

To be honest, till the last few chapters i dindt like the story very much.


Amazing read. Thanks to Maigo and Mixini!

Thanks for the scanlation. Really have a great journey reading this manga .

Umm, this was a really good read. For all those shipping the other Ashita's, tell me you realize that that's completely pointless. The other Ashita's are just her past selves and in a sense who she wants to be, and in the end what she ultimately became, so it's the same as shipping the original ...


Thanks to the scanlation group for all your work, and this mangaka is really good, you should read his other series, especially Tokyo Girls Destruction.

good god how much i hate myself for being me right now.... I always end up wanting the impossible and get sad as fuck when things don't go the way i wish 


!!!spoiler alert!!! (i do not know how to add spoiler tags, sorry) 

i feel so fucking bad for Kuro... i wanted her and kyoichi togheter, but it's the same as all other manga the one i like the most is either the one who is most proactive with their lovelife(sure sign that she ain't getting him....) or the underdog/badgirl.

!!!spoiler alert!!! 


it was a fantastic read tough and very well worth your time, my most sincere thanks to the scanlators and he author!  

Weird, but good and fun little manga. ^^b Not a lot of fanservice, but the plot makes up for it.

you are my only, my only one! wooooooooooo
I enjoyed it overall, but...

Very good read indeed
Posted Image

Good stuff.
God, I loved it.
This is very much a romance manga, but I highly reccomend it. If you're looking for really deep hows and whys for what happens in it, you'll probably be left feeling wanting. But if you see those elements as supernatural mystic ones that aren't the point of it, you'll love this.
Dec 23 2012 11:41 PM

great ending... but it felt like it was missing a page or two. sorta cut off on an awkward note...

Not really because the glasses girl and the old man both figured out who Ashita really is.

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