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Ashita no Ousama

Alt Names: alt King of Tomorrowalt Tomorrow's Kingalt 明日の王様alt 明日的王样
Author: Yachi Emiko
Artist: Yachi Emiko
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaJosei JoseiRomance RomanceSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Yuu is a plain, boring, college girl from the countryside who is often made fun of for her outdated looks. One day Yuu happens to be invited to see a play. She discovers a passion for the stage she didn't know she had, and is determined to become a part of it. This is her drama.
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The good stuff. A manga for people who don't like your average manga.

Do you see this work shine? That's cause its gold. Amazing. Bravo!!
So good. Re-read it all again today. .. not much else got done but that's okay because it was incredibly important to get this finished. Just... love.
Awesome :)

Don't get tricked by the cover like I did. I have passed this manga several times because the art on the cover made me feel like it was not something I could deal with for 53 chapters (I hate stopping once I start). And quite simply I was wrong, when I first decided to read it the art didn't come off as good or bad, just as a medium to tell the story. Within the first volume that changed, I love the art, it fits so well with the characters, the setting, and the story. Everything about this draws me in, this is a great work.

My only issue might be that the finish seemed a little too...pert for my liking. But other than that, for 53 chapters I was hooked. HOOKED. The style was light and clean in terms of the drawing, the characters I could actually believe were real and the pacing was crisp all the way around. To show the love the two main characters have for each other they way it was done was so subtle and yet so profound. Definitely one of my desert island mangas.

Great Manga; ignore the art, its the story that hooks you.

Don't ignore the art, it's fine as it is. It's refreshing and much better than the current shoujo manga trend.

I will forever recommend this series to anyone who asks for my favourites.

I'm not even sure now, that whether i am reading a manga, or witnessed plays after plays. It's truly amazing, never before experience of following the plot so tightly. Ups and downs, the roller coaster ride went through without a shed of blood, but the emotions are gripping strongly than ever.


*clap* *clap*


This manga is a king of josei mangas! Read it if you want good plot, fleshed out characters, and a heroine who isn't your typical Mary Sue.

53 chapters straight.... sleep is for the weak...



That was absolutely amazing *O* I wish it was even longer though haha

A classic indeed. I knew it sounded familiar. Thanks, random button, for reminding me of this great manga.

Im speecheless about this serie, i think i never been so hooked up on a mangar as i was during this entire serie, purple guy said it all it has to be said about this work, Emiko-sensei is truly a genius to come up with this kind of plot, even tho we see it in some other mangas, but this one is "THE" thing. 5 stars without a doubt.

Oh yeah, really recommended read, got this one done in one night (didnt even slept).
Ahhh I remember this manga. Good memories / w \
Its definitely recommended for people that like passion towards your dreams with a side of romance; doesn't encompasses the entire story.
Great Manga; ignore the art, its the story that hooks you.
It really is a good read. The art style is old but it wouldn't matter because the story and it's characters are wonderful.

See Purple Library Guy's comment
It's really quite good. Sucks you in. The characters have energy and aren't all the same, either in personality or design. Now and then there's a plot development in the girl's career that seems a bit . . . not unrealistic exactly, but fast, telescoped, like in real life she'd have to do a bit more before she could move up to that level. It's forgivable though--for one thing, it's still more realistic for that than, say, most of the music-industry manga. And it would be boring to do a bunch of chapters drawing out her apprenticeship, as it were.
It reminds me oddly of "Oishii Kankei" even though that one's about a girl learning to be a chef. But there's similarities in the art and the feel and the style of the characters. Which is good 'cos I like "Oishii Kankei".
Great amazing 5 stars must read.

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