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Alt Names: alt 守護天使alt 守护天使alt アスタリスク
Author: MORIMOTO Shuu
Artist: MORIMOTO Shuu
Genres: Action ActionFantasy FantasyShounen Ai Shounen AiSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Fraw and Kio are angels, and it's their duty to protect the passage of souls to Heaven. When the two were growing up, Kio always looked after Fraw. However, their roles are suddenly reversed when Fraw is promoted to one of the highest ranking classes of angel, and Fraw takes it upon himself to protect Kio. Can Fraw keep his new position a secret while the two battle against the Manifis, evil spirits that feed on humanity...?

Originally a oneshot called "Eden".
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This is adorable, and could be renamed "everyone loves Kyo". So cute, and a nifty world and plot. Its worth noting there is a lot of love in this, but none of it is remotely sexual. Even the touchy-feely bits are what can be done between close friends and family, if they're the touchy-feely types.

Came here expecting a story about some zany gauls. This is certainly different. Pretty good though. Worth reading. xD

Also, homosexual and heterosexual imply sexual reproduction; these angels are born from flowers, so... ;)  Being male or female shaped might not mean anything at all, except blending in with the humans they shepard.

GAH!!!!! SO MANY BISHIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a bishie paradise!!!!!!!!1!!!!!

This has a quite interesting story.
I was initially put off by the shounen-ai tag, but read it because the story seemed good from reading the description.
I wasn't disappointed. The guys are just very friendly with one another, not sexually attracted.
I love this one. Yes, I'm a sucker for nice and cuddly stuff :D

To clarify on the shounen-ai tag: there isn't any romance in the story. The characters are angels, and within the confines of the story, they are not capable of romantic feelings. But a lot of them have strong affection for each other. So if seeing one "guy" hugging another "guy" ticks you off, then you might want to pass. But as far as true BL goes, there really isn't any.

I think it's published in a BL publication, so the shounen-ai tag is more of a formality.

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