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Alt Names: alt B-Shock!alt B. Shock!alt B.Shock!alt 炸弹情人
Author: NAKANO Junko
Artist: NAKANO Junko
Genres: Comedy ComedyEcchi EcchiRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeSeinen Seinen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Nitta Arata is a typical 21 year-old junior attending college of science and engineering at Toaru University. He is bright, he's in the engineering program after all, but he definitely is from a working class background. He has been working his way through college for the past 3 years without major incident, so being swept up in a warped experiment of an equally warped professor was the last thing he expected in the second half of his college days.

One day, Arata received a letter asking him to meet someone whose initials were "N.H." at a relatively secluded location on campus. The letter looked suspiciously like a "love letter", but Arata had his doubts. More likely it was a cruel practical joke perpetrated by one of his buddies, especially when the initials matched those belonging to "Nogi Hatsune", also know as "Miss Engineer", the reigning heartthrob of the engineering department. Why would somebody like her be interested in a nobody like himself? The short answer was that she would not be interested, but why take the chance of missing out? So there was Arata, in ultra-cynical mode, waiting at the appointed location when he was suddenly grabbed from behind! His last thoughts as world turned to black was that the gloved hands covering his mouth and nose reeked of ether...
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at first, while reading this, i initially hated her and wanted to kill the professor. come the ending, i was kind of happy they got together honestly, but the way it ended left a lot of things unsettled and left me a bit disappointed.

One of the first manga I've ever read. I didn't like it that much the first time, but now I find it quite good, I guess I had to get used to manga first. I'm also really sad to learn that the author passed away. I would have never known if I hadn't decided to reread this manga on a whim.


Rest in peace Junko Nakano

The one thing i'm curious about, is whether or not they ever find out that B-shock ceased working. And how they would react then.

Meh, good read. The ending was a little bit disappointing, but still...Ok, I guess. =/


romance development is a little bit weird, but still a good monthly (i rarely read manga now >.>) romance dosage for me <3
52 chapters in one day. aww yeah. Good manga but the ending just screamed "cbf making this manga anymore" from the author.
I got to chapter 42 and saw they were looking for a floppy disk. Floppy disks :S how old is this manga. Quick research......Wow this was made in 1999.
This manga is really good for a basic "romance" themed manga, since it shows the other side of the coin/medal/mirror (whatever is the right proverb xD) of how two characters come to like each other not naturally but forced(like being forced to marry someone and like him/her afterwards). Most times it's the other way arround and the dislike is more like "a tsunderes' basic dislike in anyone" and the characters will start to like each other normally, which is mostly dull crap without any story.

This manga,however,made it possible with some auxiliary means (no spoiler here :D) to strenghen and lessen the clashes between the characters, thus making it enjoyable to read further even without monthly waiting times and 52 chapters in total waiting for you!
Wow what a great manga, good final.
Nakano Junko Rest In.Peace
lol after reading the description of this it kind sounds like the story of my life :P. Doing engineering and into the hottest girl in engineering who is also the smartest :S.

Hope this is as good as read as this authors other work Hetakoi.
Well, that was quite the abrupt ending...I would've loved more of it :(
Too bad about the ending, felt rather rushed.
i think that when she said i love you the watch should have fallen off then that would have been a dang good ending but also with the idea of its still working would make them stay truth full

i wish i can make a watch that can tell if your gf/bf is cheating on you

it would be nice :P


idk why but any manga that have the gf/bf cheating i get into a emo state and in a fk the world i wna die mood idk why but at least i know i would not be able to date or marry with out going bald but now i think about it i want a watch just like there's
liked Gentlemans post simply for referencing Onemanga which was amazing back in the day
why do i find seinen manga always interesting :)
worth reading :)
True, the ending was kinda sudden and arbitrary. Left a lot of questions . . . left the premise kind of hanging.
Good story, with a meh ending.
Actually, I liked the Natsume thing. It was different. And pretty funny. I've never seen a character quite like him.
A good read, but I agree that the ending felt rushed, kinda left me going "WHAT?!? that's it?" but good nonetheless.
ending seems to be rushed. Still an ok read nonetheless.
It's a good read but somehow, it felt it lacked in the romance department? I mean the 2 characters always quarrel with each other and Natsume, a potential rival, was eliminated just like that... Sigh, all in all, I'm dissatisfied.
I like the manga but quite a few times I was hoping the main guy would get a girl he'd deserve... in the end I still think she didn't deserve to be with him.

I concur. There were some scenes where I simply wanted to punch that visage on the screen.

I think his name and personality were derived from the german writer "Franz Kafka" whose writing style is so twisted, that it took me a week to read 200 pages - a feat normally accomplished in less than a day. <.<
It's really good, but god damn did I hate that fucking professor.

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