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Baby Steps

Alt Names: alt เบบี้ สเต็ปalt ベイビーステップalt 網球優等生alt 网球优等生alt Langkah Bayialt خطوات طفل
Author: Kachiki Hikaru
Artist: Kachiki Hikaru
Genres: Award Winning Award WinningComedy ComedyDrama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSlice of Life Slice of LifeSports Sports
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Maruo Eiichirou (Ei-Chan), a first year honor student, one day decides he's unhappy with the way things are and lacks exercise. He finds a flyer for the Tennis Club and decides to check it out. He's instantly captivated by it. With no prior experience and poor physical conditioning, join Ei-Chan as he embarks on a tennis journey using his smarts, dedication and work ethic.

-Won the Best Shōnen on the 38th Kodansha Manga Award
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Title Group Contributor Date
Vol.32 Ch.300: Rule of Thumb
Fallen Angels adit2789 3 days ago
Vol.32 Ch.299: The Unknown
Fallen Angels & Angelic Scanlations Mitach A week ago
Vol.32 Ch.298: How To Fight
Fallen Angels & Angelic Scanlations Mitach A week ago
Vol.31 Ch.297.5: Extra
Fallen Angels & Angelic Scanlations Mitach A week ago
Vol.31 Ch.297: Resonance
Fallen Angels & Angelic Scanlations Mitach A week ago
Vol.13 Ch.122: Battaglia interiore
Eagles Team giò92 A week ago
Vol.13 Ch.121: Decisione
Eagles Team giò92 A week ago
Vol.13 Ch.120: Piano positivo
Eagles Team giò92 3 weeks ago
Vol.13 Ch.119: Progresso
Eagles Team giò92 3 weeks ago

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Frakking cliffhangers!
maruo is kicking ass!
Nou theres not anime for this yet.
Does this manga have an anime? It looks really promising if done right.
o shi....full engine power...t about to get real!
This manga is great. Looking forward to the next chapter!
YES! So finally we have proof. Ei-chan is not weak. He's just been fighting crazy ass strong opponents!! Pros, Prodigies and soon-to-be Pros are not your run of the mill opponents that's for sure. Now see this people! He's owning!! \(^O^)/
Maruo finally gets a Curb Stomp Battle.

That was extremely satisfying the read!
Cant wait for more. Most likely heading off to a nearby shop to buy the series soon.. :D
do you guys know where to search for vol 10?
Just start reading this manga cause got some free time, but before know I just finish all from chapter 1-101...So if I compare this manga to Prince of Tennis I like this manga more.
Well, after all this training and improvement, I hope in this tournament he gets to crush a couple of opponents for once. Let him have a "Holy cow, I'm good now!" moment.

I prefer this one to giant steps because it is more realistic

Funnier and more interesting as well. There's just more growth in Baby Step. And not just e-chan, the reader also sees people around e-chan grow which makes everything more interesting.

I just wish we saw more of the matches not involving eiichirou.
i am always impatiently waiting for the next chapter.
I prefer this one to giant steps because it is more realistic
Geez.,,I am getting butterflies in my tummy as if I am the one who is going to play...
>_> Not as good as Marcia.
A rival both in tennis and love. :P Ganbatte Natsu!
I smell a love triangle coming. Oh wait, I forgot the American Girl so it's a Love Rectangle?
Harem time?
Looks like e-chan manage to capture another girls heart without much effort... whatever happen to that girl in the glass
and a rival appears!!...... shimizu develops a crush on ei-chan too, go nacchan fighting! but the new girl is cute, and clumsy XD
ehh, made me wonder 100 times already :P What's up with his hair?
I want the tournament to start already!!! Although, I do enjoy the training phases cause they explain actual tennis stuff.......
100th chapter incoming! For everyone involved in this manga, Thanks a lot! :D

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