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B.A.D. Beyond Another Darkness

Alt Names: alt B.A.D. (SAKAKIBARA Sousou)alt BAD (SAKAKIBARA Sousou)alt Beyond Another Darkness
Author: AYASATO Keiji
Artist: SAKAKIBARA Sousou
Genres: Horror HorrorMystery MysteryPsychological PsychologicalSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: B.A.D. is:

Cruel and painful,
Ugly and beautiful,
A mysterious fantasy.

Will you love her?
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i never felt the need to write anything about a manga i didn't enjoy but this one seems to be an exception. please don't execute me grammar nazis. BUT...


from start to finish i struggled to understand what the actual fuck is going on and when i thought the author would grace me with some explanations for his nonsense, nothing


happened. for the most part. Actually, for every piece of information i got from the author, to understand this convoluted mess of a plot, more random shit got flung at me that


i'm constantly in a state of: "what the hell are they talking about? what is going on? wtf is this inception bull shit? please, someone explain that shit to me."


in short, i felt like im constantly stumbling through a pitch black forest in the middle of the night with the occasional flicker of light to tell me where i am, which is ultimatly


useless cause i don't know where i am in the first place if that makes any sense. 


i feel like if the author handled his plot better this manga could've been an interesting read, but unfortunatly it was more irritating and frustrating to read than anything.


if you liked it, more power to you, you rock. i certainly didn't.

So, the series got officially dropped after 9 chapters were published... Not cool.

This is so confusing

Awww, I wanted more. But at least they ended the arc well. It was good while it lasted. 

Honestly, that's a good place to stop it. Disappointing the magazine it was in was discontinued though.

What the fuck did I just read?? 

This is just plain and simple dafuq... However, it's... good? A really extrange story.

So, it ended on a "happy" note?


One of the more twisted stories I've read up till now. Still confused though, shame not every question will be answered because the series was dropped. Ah well.. something to think about I guess. My scenerarios tend to be more interesting anyways.

i am beyond lost

hhhhhmmmmm not even what the hell, just hhhhhmmmmm

i'm... so confused, yet so interested at the same time O.o

Every time I read this manga it feels like I'm missing something.
after reading chap. 6
so that's explain why he had the baby in his stomatch
if I were him, I'll going mad
Also someone should fix that chapter placement =/
I lost my mind somewhere between W and TF. Can someone help me find it please?
@Cas I had no idea why you posted that picture looked the movie up read the summary came back got to chapter 2......I have never laughed so hard
Posted Image
Okay I am officially lost O.o
okay its getting crazy
yeah that wasn't predictable at all.

mc y u no genre savvy at all? D:
Total Omsk.
i dnt understand the story but why am i keep following it?
Somewhat confusing; the girl is Azaka and her brother Asato, right? I feel that on some pages the name might have been mistranslated.

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