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Be My Sweet Darling

Alt Names: alt Be a Sweet Darlingalt Become a Sweet Darlingalt Become My Sweet Darlingalt 스위트 달링이 되어줘alt My Sweet Darling
Author: DO Chan
Artist: DO Chan
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaRomance RomanceShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Complete
Description: Yoo Nan-Hee is a cheerful high-school girl, and also the president of the drama club. But everything changes when she begins to have feelings for Jang Gook-Yung. When she hears a rumor that Jang Gook Yung is dating the princess of class 12, Oh Eun-Yung, she becomes depressed and ends up getting drunk. Then poor Jang Gook-Yung gets stuck with taking her home but because of an accident, he decides to take her to his house instead.

Once there, she accidentally knocks him out, so she removes the unconscious Jang Gook Yung's clothing for him. The next morning her parents see the shocking image and decide that, to avert a huge scandal, the two must get married! Now they have to try to live a normal life… if they can…
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Wait!! So what happened to the cousin in-laws? Their side story had me thinking they would start falling each other. Now another minor story left untold.
The resolution with her and Gookyoung felt natural, but very very quick. And as Library Guy mentioned, the subplot about the sister and that cousin remains unresolved.


One wonders if this manwha got the axe because of low rankings? (Or maybe that's only how manga/manwha get canceled in Bakuman?) A damn shame really, because I wouldn't have minded seeing more of it at all...

I still felt like there was closure on the whole thing though, so I'm down with this ending.
Well, that was a . . . nice . . . ending, I guess. A bit abrupt. And the little subplot with the sister and the bro-in-law who was a cad and a bounder never got resolved or anything. But it was kind of nice the way she supported his dream and stuff.
Evil Flowers is making with the chapters thick and fast! Mucho thanks, folks!
And this chapter, oh yes very satisfying and pretty funny.
Aaaaaaahhhh The beat down came! And it was sooo good. I feel dumb for flying off the handle before finishing the chapter, but I also feel so happy that the author didn't go the direction I was scared they would go.
OK this new Sun Myung guy is dead meat. He better catch a beat down, and soon, because he is disgusting on so many levels right now. Black mailing a married woman into an affair? Not. Cool. Meanwhile I can't believe her, how could she not even try to confide in Gookyoung. I can already tell this whole arc is going to be frustrating...
*whistles* That was a quick chapter...
Hmmm . . . the sleeper begins to wake.
ah i have this manhwa

Posted Image

So she tries, big deal. She goes overboard all the time and the guy is clearly way out of his comfort zone with her most of the time. That's a tough start for any relationship, even more so as he was forced to marry her.
I see some development from his side coming within the next chapters though.

I agree on the baseball bat thing for his sister though.
admung: I hear you. That guy is such a bastard. He's lucky she doesn't sneak up on him when he's asleep with a baseball bat.
There's a limit to how thick-headed and dense a person can be.
I feel bad for Nan-Hee.
The more I read this manga, the less outspoken I am on the guy's side and the more outspoken I become on the girl's side. She tries so goddamn hard, show her just a little bit of kindness Gookyoung, please.
I feel so bad for the sister!! Why doesn't she just say he's her brother-in-law?!
You know, I feel kind of sympathetic to the girl. She's into him, but it's not like she was plotting anything, it was an accident.
I mean yeah, she's kind of a selfish brat and all. It's a manhwa, go figure. But she's trying really hard in her own way, and he's just brushing her off. He's a nice guy sort of, but he's . . . what? An alien? Has heavy Asperger's? Was castrated while still a child? Whatever the cause, he seems to have few normal human emotions and nothing resembling a libido.
She could act a bit more sane if he would ever read the damn atmosphere. Or at least give her a good f***ing. Acknowledge her somehow.
Ugh...I feel so sorry for the guy in this. The description reminded me of a manhwa with a similar premise, Honey Mustard. Only, the heroine in that is likeable.
Not just the guy but his family too
So basically...the guy got screwed

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