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Bikkuri suru hodo Doji na Koi

Alt Names: alt ビックリするほどドジな恋alt Bikkurisuru hodo Doji na Koialt Bitansan Danshi
Author: KEVIN Komine
Artist: KEVIN Komine
Genres: Comedy ComedySchool Life School LifeShounen Ai Shounen AiYaoi Yaoi
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: The volume is made up of two three-chapter stories.

The first story is about Nao and Tom who have been friends since childhood, Nao being the caretaker and Tom being the clumsy airhead. Their high school lives have been fairly uneventful—that is, until Tom suddenly confesses to Nao one night. Though Nao points out the obvious “but we’re both boys…?”

The second story deals with two college students who’re doing a room share. Shimizu Mikio is in his second year of college, and has started rooming with the fluffy, energetic Sawamura Souta. But the more they’re together, the more Miki starts to notice something: Souta seems to like him.
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Damn, I got all doki doki when read it, I seriously wanna hug Tom ! >///<

Why is the rating so low? This is such a cute manga >////<

it's really cute :P I don't know why I got hooked to this forbidden land @.@ omg I can't never turn back again 

Lol. Tom is one of the most flustered pervert! Oh and I looove how Nao have airy kind of feeling around him. So calming and cute ! ♡
Tom is seriously cuuuuuuuteeee <333

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