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Bitter Virgin

Alt Names: alt ビターバージンalt 惨痛处女
Author: Kusunoki Kei
Artist: Kusunoki Kei
Genres: Drama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeSeinen Seinen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Popular high school student Suwa Daisuke has no interest in dating newcomer Aikawa Hinako, a quiet loner. That's because she recoiled from his flirtatious touch, and he took it as a personal affront. Daisuke informs one of his buddies that he wouldn't date her, not knowing Hinako was listening. Daisuke's attitude changes after he accidentally hears her confession in an abandoned church; she's been sexually abused by her stepfather and has given up a child for adoption. His former annoyance turns to compassion and concern. Hinako is unaware that he knows her terrible secret. Believing him to have no romantic interest, she becomes more relaxed and comfortable in his company. Their relationship faces a lot of obstacles, including jealous classmates.
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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I managed to obtain all four volumes in good condition through Amazon JP (through three different affiliated bookstores).  Given that I've probably read this series ten times already, that's the least I could do.  Not that I expect much, if anything, to actually get back to the mangaka after all these years...
Apart from a few minor typos, I beg to differ with Solaris' translation on only one page: Where Daisuke says "She's lying...", the expression in the original Japanese actually means more like "You've got to be kidding..." In this case, it is Daisuke realizing his sister is pregnant and expressing his shock, not that he's accusing her of being a liar.


And another disagreement: rather than say she had an abortion, I would think it much more accurate to say she had a miscarriage.  After she miscarried her first pregnancy, she had to undergo a D&C, which is the same as a typical early term abortion, to ensure she had no further complications from the miscarriage.  There is no shame in that, though she may not have understood what was going on.


In Spanish, the same word is used for both miscarriage and abortion, and the same appears to be true in Japanese, whereas in English we draw a distinction between voluntary and involuntary termination of a pregnancy.


agreed. their only worry for the future is their own lack of something they believe is beneficial to the other. both maturity and happiness can be gained as long as they stick together and not let pressure and insecurity drive them apart.


Wow, his was an amazing read! I wish there was an "after" chapter or something ;~;

i remember reading this on onemanga when it was still up and it was pretty enjoyable. got to rank 4 under the big three at one point as well

I remember reading this manga a few years back and oh god I loved it. For me it made me cry and sit at the edge of my seat about how this relationship was going to pan out. I do agree the end was a bit ambiguous but I can forgive it a little, and have high hopes that things could work out for the two protagonists.

Well, I liked it a lot, except that the ending could be happier, but what was I expecting from a manga tagged as "Drama" and "Psychological" anyway, huh?

It's fair. For a manga, it might be deemed excellent.

Bullshit ending. So they will break up eventually.


Bullshit ending. So they will break up eventually.

no worries. those words werent said out of fear for the future troubles they'll face. they were said out of love and concern for their partner's wellbeing. they wont break up because if that's how their mind works, they will both later realize that their feelings will shape them to be mature enough, bright/cheerful and perfect enough for eachother. well that's just how i chose to interpret the ending.

This is how storytelling should be. Amazing stuff.

Bullshit ending. So they will break up eventually.

At first glance it didnt look that interesting.
However after reading the comments i decided to give it a go and it were without a doubt woth my time.
a very good read even if it had some flaws here and there.

I saw PurpleLibraryGuy's comment so I instantly knew that this was going to be good :)

This a really good manga. I can't recommend enough in case you're not convinced to read it yet. The reasons I elaborate more on the forums.


What I came actually here to say is that the cover of the first volume is weird. At least for me. For reasons I could not find yet, Aikawa on this cover looks like a trap. I actually thought this was a crossdressing manga just because of this cover. Perhaps another one would fit better. Or it's just my mind playing tricks. Too much trap manga recently.

A really great manga, realistic, captivating and definitely worth your time. The reason for my first all-nighter is this manga (long ago). I was hooked and I just couldn't stop. It has its flaws (how I hate some of those characters) but you won't regret reading it.

That's the first manga I've pulled an all-nighter for years ago. A great manga, has its flaws but great nonetheless.

This is...well I thought I found a good manga when I read death note and the sort but this...wow I mean this is just...just powerful! This is a beautiful piece of writing too, and with great art! I was sad after hearing iris zero's writer got sick, but then I found this jewel…I'm preaching aren't I? Well I think I got my point across, enjoy!
This song goes pretty well with the theme and the feeling of the manga, that's what I think at lest...
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Nm4YlZ3oYsQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Very good, I generally don't like sienen manga. The eyes are kinda creepy, but it strangely fits. Pretty heavy and not good if your looking for just a light read. But overall, def. recommended regardless of your usual prefered genre.
This is a great read.
I reread it many times and enjoyed every page of it.
I have read this every time I landed here from the random button. Most, I give one look at, but this pulls me in no matter how many times I read it. This is one of the finest pieces of writing in any genre I have seen.
It's gems like these that make me so glad that Batoto has the Random button. Best read I've had in months!
Correction to chapter 16, page 23: Where Daisuke says "She's lying...", the expression in the original Japanese actually means more like "You've got to be kidding..." In this case, it is Daisuke realizing his sister is pregnant.
When my male friend who always recommended me action manga told me about this romance manga. I immediately thought that this was something I couldn't just ignore. I'm really glad I read it. With the issue discussed in the story, it really made me sympathize with the character, and made me realize how lucky I am. It's simply a jewel from all the manga I have read.


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