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Blue Dragon - Ral Ω Grado

Alt Names: alt ラルΩグラドalt ブルードラゴン ラルΩグラドalt Blue Dragon - Ral Gradoalt Blue Dragon: Ral Gradalt Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Gradoalt Blue Dragon: RalΩGradalt BLUE DRAGON ラル・グラドalt 蓝龙alt BLUE DRAGONラルΩグラドalt Ral & Gradalt Ral Gradalt RalΩGradalt RalΩGrado
Author: TAKANO Tsuneo
Artist: OBATA Takeshi
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureEcchi EcchiFantasy FantasyShounen Shounen
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: In the days of war, a baby fused together with a "shadow" called Blue Dragon, a legend among the "shadows". Because of that, he was locked in darkness from birth until recently, 15 years later, to prevent his shadow from activating. From the beginning, the only person he knew was his tutor who would come see him everyday. But "shadows" have begun to run rampant as they escape from "Noir" through living beings. Humnas call for the release of Blue Dragon in order to help mankind; thus their journey begins to seal the "shadows" along with the strongest: their queen.
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the way the last part of the fight goes....this story has been axed. this was planned as a 7 volume god-grade battle. that explains why the MC focuses on fighting, shallow characters and the *almost* disconnected end.

Lots of pointless characters for such a short run. As a result, they lack depth and can't produce a strong emotional reaction. However, it's fun enough. The pacing is quick and weird like it's a sprint and then when it crosses the finish line it's just done. The last page had me though.

.....This manga is good , i doubt that there will be a Next series
why? why? WHY!? why did they kill the anime with that crap since this story line is much better!? WHY!?
Aw man.. what an abrupt ending.. I feel so sad for Mio
ch 14
Well, I liked that. It was a good read. Not much to complain about, except
this was always one of my fave series, even after it rushed and made a ending way to soon.
Ayreos u read and know a lot
This work has the best art from Obata Takeshi, the artist for Death Note, Bakuman, Hikaru no Go and others!
and enjoy reading the manga, though it is short but it is fun
dam, lot of groups did this project
searching for group name in that big list annoying and adding a group at that time is even more
all the above groups i ended up adding, so if any one finds error just leave a comment

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