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Boku no Ushiro ni Majo ga Iru

Alt Names: alt Arkamda Bir Cadı Varalt 僕の後ろに魔女がいる
Author: YAMADA Hitsuji
Artist: YAMADA Hitsuji
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Nanri Ryusuke has transferred schools 3 times this year because of his parents’ divorce and he is determined to make a good impression at this new school because it appears that he's staying for good this time. However, his seat is in front of the weird girl in the class, Fujimori Miya, who claims she is a witch and who everyone in the school avoids. Miya, for some odd reason, takes a creepy interest in Ryusuke and makes him the subject of all her crazy experiments and spells.
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That's quite a long hiatus. Death flag?


May well be, if not literally at least for the manga, yeah. Not that I'm entirely sure or know, but I believe what Shoujo Sense has done is scanlated all the existing tankoubons (which were 4 volumes) and then (I'm guessing) found the last handful of magazine chapters that were released before the author ceased writing and is doing/done those.......they've released a half-dozen or so chapters since they finished vol 4. 

That's quite a long hiatus. Death flag?

Anyone know why this one was dropped?


Shoujo Sense has this listed as being on hiatus, though I think that more refers to its publication status as opposed to scanlations, this has long been one of the titles they've been most dedicated to.


I'm seeing "The series is on hiatus since late 2012 due to the author's health issues." over on MU, so I'm guessing they've just finally exhausted all available chapters they can scanlate at this point.


You do know Shoujo Sense doesn't allow rehosting here is why there aren't any chapters showing up, right? It's translated up to chapter 110 or so, they're just not here is all.

Anyone know why this one was dropped?

En here means not fate, but rather "connections". Also "nanen ni narimasu" is "How much it will cost?". So he literally says "How much do I have to pay to have absolutely nothing to do with a certain person?".

Ah Valentine....


I wish these chapters were a bit longer also.

Actually Shoujo-Sense has done until chapter 16, and they haven't dropped it yet; it's just that they switched to a no-upload rule.
Was hoping some updates when it came up in my follow box but NOOOOOO.
Maybe she placed Frog Meat in the Chocolatw
"Catching someone's heart"... that sentence started to scary me after this chapter:P
Valentine Choco. You have a rough ahead of you Nanri-kun. Gambatte!!
i can feel the love in this one, so cute manga :D
That grandma...
people need to read the credits page...
Oh Nanri....I think a girl should be saying that
@TheCreepin32 Try to atleast read the credits page. Also, texts that are out of place are either translated SFX or translator's notes, mostly it's the translator's notes.
Mia Is so cute!!! x3 and beautiful!!!
What does hemony mean? Is it the translators name?
Why are there no updates here in Batoto? I think ch7-9 are already translated.
Yeah, now you can add "Yaoi" tag, lol.
Holy crap, wtf happened in the comments section? I guess I won't say whats already been said about the length other than its no where near as aggravating as Minamoto-kun.
Shouji x Nanri FTW
Blood spurt was very… graphic.
Poor Senda-kun! T_T

"Nice to meet you." > THIS IS SPELL CURSE!

Bahahahaha...I wonder 'what else' he was thinking of.

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