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Bongcheon-Dong Ghost

Alt Names: alt 2011 미스테리 단편alt 2011 Mystery Shortalt Bongcheon District Ghostalt Bongcheon Dong Ghostalt Bongcheon-Dong Ghostalt 미스테리 단편alt Mystery Sketch 2012alt Ok-su Station Ghost
Author: HORANG
Artist: HORANG
Genres: Horror HorrorSeinen SeinenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Part of the Naver 2011 Mystery Fragments collection.

Warning: This webtoon is a special horror episode for this summer season. Since it contains shocking scenes reader discretion is advised for pregnant women, the elderly, and those suffering from serious medical conditions.

Original webcomic: http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/detail.nhn?titleId=350217&no=31&weekday=tue
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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I friggin' screamed out loud... (>_<) scared the shit outta me..

And yeah, I seriously feel bad for anyone who was wearing headphones when reading this on Naver LOL.... RIP your ears AND your heart lol

yo that was freakin AWESOME!.. Of course you have to read it on Naver cuz you get sound effects and the automatic scroll..... Yo I almost sharted when that first one happened!

That was kind of startling to say the least.




Alright fine. I admit it. I crapped my pants.

Just read the one at NAVER's site. Awesome how someone translated it into English there, would like to see more of that.

ANYWAY! This is awesome. Wasn't expecting the first one and still damn near jumped out of my skin on the second. Once I finished with it I couldn't help but laugh at how awesomely frightening it is! (or how badly it made me jump)
oh god, i don't even no what it was saying and nearly crapped my pants!
I was reading the the original on Naver and then when it got to the woman with blood on her face the page kept scrolling, and there were creepy sound effects and holy cr** that scared the heck out of me, especially since I was listening to classical music...
I don't want it mommy I don't want it my god it hijacked my scroll bar and I even know that I'm feint of heart and I still read WHHHHYYYYY oh god and I usually just find horror mangas creepy like Ibitsu but this shit scared me god and my headphones were blasting R.I.P headphone users P.S. In the hospital writing this because of a heart attack
It's better to read it on official site, there are some sounds as well as cuts so climate is much better.
Wow translated to polish before english ;D ^_^ Nice.
Erm....I wanted to read this but ...I HAVE NO IDEA WAT IT'S SAYIN for a sec I thought I can't read (cuz not in english)
It was so.......I even don't know the right word. I don't know how it managed to scare my so much. I experienced those horror games but this is just too much.
Oh God, please don't tell me it's that Korean manhwa in which after scrolling for a bit it's started becoming animated and screech loud sound effects to my ears causing a trauma that lasted even to this day.
It pretty much is the original.
Will this one hijack my scrollbar, like the original?
i was saying that because everyone i know read the raw, and said "fuck that"
Actually ThCmpny (TheCompany) picked it up. But that is the official translation, so I figured more people should find out about it.

If you still want to read their translation, feel free to do so.
never thought someone would ever pick this up.

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