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Chitose etc.

Alt Names: alt ちとせ エトセトラalt ちとせ etc.alt 夏恋预感alt 圍繞千歲的愛alt Chitose Etcetera
Author: Yoshizumi Wataru
Artist: Yoshizumi Wataru
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Chitose, a high school student living in Okinawa, fell in love with Koushou, who lives in Tokyo. “I’m going to transfer to Tokyo!” with feelings of great love in one hand she flies out of Okinawa! The direction of their love is of course a mutual one, right!?
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My goodness, the flowers are looking rather evil today!

Thanks for the release, and a few others I've seen around here as well!

It's quite a barrier for Chitose.  I mean, love is powerful, you don't often meet something as strong--but Yukito and Saaya are, in effect, old army buddies who went through the war together.

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I really have a bad feeling Yuki will be the one Chitose will end up with. It's the way the author keeps having him as the one to "save" her in all sorts of situations. I still really don't like him and find him not only boring but wishy-washy and spineless. I also don't think the author's done much to make us like him - quite the opposite. I'm not sure my mind can be changed at this point, don't know about the rest of you. I'm preparing for a disappointing ending, but I'll enjoy it in the meanwhile. 


Just found this today and I like the pacing in this, this is a great read. Went to go find spoilers after this though because I'm not good at waiting ^^;

MAJOR ENDING spoilers:


gah it's so freaking frustrating the entire premise is that nobody is actually going out with who they want to and they're dating the person who is the person, who the person in the other relationship likes... does that make sense i think i just failed english there




Ouch, that's going to leave a mark.

he didn't even deserve that... that was all her

How will this turn out? Well,


(current chapter 19, not seen any raws)

I could do with less sexual assault under the guise of irrepressible manfeels bullshit (motherfucker if you need to get off that bad then go home and learn to masturbate you rapey piece of shit) but the story overall is pretty interesting, and I always appreciate characters who try to resist getting helplessly dragged around by their feelings. I don't dislike characters who want to hold on to an unrequited love, but I also respect those who push themselves to move on and make a fresh start, even if it's difficult or painful. Really, I do like this manga, and if later on someone tells a certain character to sit the fuck down and learn some goddamn self-control like a sensible horny teenager, I wouldn't have anything to complain about.

Hmm if PLG says it's good guess I should check this out even though it's not on a regular release sched~

anybody knows if the group will continue the traduction? the last actualisation was in june of  2013 D:


Ouch, that's going to leave a mark.

Haha, poor Akaishi ^^. I hope Chitose doesn't end up with Yuki - I find him pretty weak and boring, though I'm sure he has his reasons for acting like he does (I just don't care what they are). I have a bad feeling Akaishi is holding a torch for Saaya, though.

i like Akaishi... but meh.. the author might make yuki and kaneshiro together... its not like i don't like yuki, i like him too but.. well... just that for now..
i still like akaishi,,, but man this innocent girl is surrounded by guys that cant control themselves
OK, as of ch 11
when will more chapters come out??????!!!1
Whoa, wait a minute--Yoshizumi Wataru! She wrote Marmalade Boy! And, Kimi Shika Iranai! No wonder it's good. You always get good craftsmanship from Yoshizumi-sensei.
I find that Akaishi's clinical approach to dating quite funny . . . and oddly refreshing.
The summary states koushou but it's furuya yuki o.o
yep, there's just enough of a twist to keep things fresh, and the execution is excellent
Pretty good. Nice atmosphere. It has a square-type thing going, which reminds me quite a bit of Strobe Edge; the characters have some similarities too. But it's also doing its own thing. The shoujo cliches are strongly there, but well executed and skewed just enough to give a bit of freshness.

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