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Color (MIMORI Ao)

Alt Names: alt Color
Author: MIMORI Ao
Artist: MIMORI Ao
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Originally a one-shot, but has been extended as a series due to popularity!

A blooming love story begins between Sumire and Touta, two neighbors who have been together since childhood.
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Carino eh, ma lei è un po' lagna...

Haha, I love the friend. She's awesomely supportive and brutally honest XD

The main girl is super relatable and some of the things that happen during their relationship hit pretty close to home -urk- haha so it feels pretty realistic to me. (Not to say that the side guy's forwardness is realistic, though. And all manga characters have a fantastic sense of dramatic timing lol..) It's kind of funny and refreshing to me how people find Touta's looks pretty average. So, yeah. Enjoyed it. ugh that penguin costume is so cute. IT'S SO CUTE lakgsfasdf

Ah, geeze . . . this isn't bad, but I'm just not sold.  Their conflict to lovey-dovey ratio is just too high, I end up thinking probably they just shouldn't be a couple 'cause they don't suit each other.  It doesn't help that although they're old friends, they seem to have just dumped that out the window as soon as they started dating, like they don't know each other any more--they never seem to get each others' moods or motivations.

Oh no you can't say that to him, Sumire.

Mmm . . . I can see kind of on the art, although relative to this person IMO Sakisaka Io's art is somehow cuter and more emotive, while Nakahara Aya's art is more lively and expressive. 

And when it comes to the plot, this mangaka is no Nakahara Aya when it comes to snappy dialogue and comedy, and no Sakisaka Io when it comes to making the feelings wash over you in waves.  But hey, to me those two are both at the legendary level, so measuring up to them would be a lot to ask.

This isn't bad, although ch.4 is kind of annoying (I have a lot of tolerance for the same old plots I've seen before a million times, but not so much if I didn't even like them the first time).  Mind you, for some reason Sakisaka Io can do that kind of thing and make me like it . . . but she's about the only one.  Maybe it's because she sets up the characters and their relationships up so well before dumping you into the triangle/square/whatever.  By the time it happens, I'm like, "Yeah, that's the only way it can go now, those poor kids and their pain!" instead of "What gratuitous crud".



No It reminds me of Nakahara Aya 's work
This shoujo made me wanna gouge my eyes out! LOL That was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too obvious... -_- However, did like the art, but the storyline was bleh...
Her art reminds me a lot of Sakisaki Io U.U That may be why Cydric
Art looks vaguely familiar...anyone knows why?
Same old thing, but I like the art and it's so cute.

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