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Crimson Empire - Circumstances to Serve a Noble

Alt Names: alt クリムゾン・エンパイアalt クリムゾン・エンパイア ~Circumstances to serve a noblealt Crimson Empirealt 绯红帝国
Author: QuinRose
Artist: FUTABA Hazuki
Genres: Adventure AdventureDrama DramaFantasy FantasyHarem HaremJosei JoseiRomance Romance
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Sheila is a maid that exclusively serves Prince Edward. She also works as his body guard because of her past assassin training before. She is all-purpose at work, but awkward when she is off. Although Sheila is competent at battles and operations, but she isn't good at love and establishing friendships. She, however, needs to use the various people around her to have Edward take over the throne...


> Renai Otogibanashi ~Toy Box~
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I don't think so, it's getting licensed by Seven Seas
anyone picking this up?
I read the first two chapters on mangafox, and I have to say that it's pretty good. To potential readers: the characters are good and the overall plot is intriguing, but the mangaka just kind of jumps into the story really quickly. It's just oh hello I'm an assassin oops pissed off some guy now I work for a noble and what the hell a demon! (get it? lame puns are fun.). The backstory is interspersed into the story, but it's a bit jagged. Read it if you like assassins and random political intrigue mixed into a drama. Oh, and I think I saw a reverse-harem in there. The MC is kind of like a Hwang Mi Ri MC...A girl who is strong, but never as strong as the various love interests and/or antagonists...it annoys me a little, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Hope this helped.
I want to read it, but I don't know where Chapter 1 and 2 are. :(
Justin's making his move!!!
were are chaps 1&2
Finally, a new chapter.
Surprised that Batoto didn't have the first 6 already, they've been translated for several years now.

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