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Dangan Honey

Alt Names: alt 弾丸ハニー
Author: Minatuki Tunami
Artist: Minatuki Tunami
Genres: Comedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Every little girl dreams about finding her prince charming and becoming a bride, nursery girl Rino is no exception. Precocious Rino falls in love with the timid and weak but very handsome and kind nutritionist Kazuki. And so carried for that love, she declares firmly "If you marry me, I'll definitely protect you!!"
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What a nice and fun story~ I hope someone translate its last 3 chapters in the near future.

Thanks for the chapters AQUA scans!!

I need more of this

Ahhhh.  First Love So Life, now this.  My cup of cuteness runneth over.

Even Pappa's backstory is adorable. The Sweetness is genetic.

So much adorable.

Oh ho? This is a good story too ... thanks for your efforts Aqua. :)



Thank you, thank you so much so AQUA scans!!!

Added a missing page on ch 8 too! Happy reading! <3

Hurrah!  Many thanks for your persistence, AQUA!

Thank you~uuu~!

It's getting better with every chapter and i really like the expressions of Rino (they are so cute) the only downside is, that we have to wait for more chapters *sigh* Anyway i'm waiting anxiously for more, thanks AQUA Scans and mizuouji

Ahh nice, once again a Shoujo manga i like. This reminds me of Hanamaru Kindergarten or Aiko Desho

I got bad news for everyone, we’re in need for another redrawer for this one, we brought the last ones thanks to Angie’s redrawing superpowers but now Angie’s computer is in a coma and she was the one that allowed us to keep these steady releases. So till we get a new redrawer, I think we’ll have it paused till further notice… Which totally sucks because we already translated chapters 8-12!!!


If there’s anyone interested in helping out in this particular project, please send an email to: kougyoku.ren@yahoo.com!!

yes... "raise her to be your perfect bride"


do it Kazuki, you know you want to.


I know I do, if only....

Wow, I still feel like a helpless child whenever I lose sight of my mom in the mall and I'm 18. Rino you're da gurl!! 

i want a time skip so bad...


i want a time skip so bad...

This chapter was great. We get to see the characters' lives outside the daycare, and Rino-chan just keeps upping her awesomeness. :D

So far, every chapter it just keeps on dishing out the funny and the cute.

Some people just have very powerful personalities.  Rino-chan is one of them; he might as well give up.

I don't normally read shoujos but the premise seemed really cute so I gave it a shot. So adorablee :3 Cute and lighthearted

OMG!!!! SOOOO KWUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!


It'sh sho adowableeeee

Yay!  What a cute chapter.  Plus what a gutsy girl.  Beat up that suspicious person, Rino!

This really is a great little manga.

Almost done typesetting chapter 5, expect it to come out in some days :)

I suppose there's a parallel in age gap and base occupation, but in nearly every other way I don't see much connection; from the plotline to the reincarnation thing to the thematic stuff, tone, personalities of the people involved . . . way different.

What it seems like to me is the girl's side of Himawari Youchien Monogatari Aiko Desho!  Similar tone, comedy, everything, it's just that's from the guy's point of view and this is from the girl's.

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