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Dark Mage

Alt Names: alt 다크 메이지
Author: Jae-Sin Kang
Artist: Jung Ryul Kim
Genres: Action ActionFantasy FantasyHistorical HistoricalMartial Arts Martial ArtsShounen Shounen
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Complete
Description: Once... Humans and Orcs peacefully co-existed, but at some point humans got greedy and started a war claiming the Orcs` territory. The diety-Lord who created all, got angry with the humans` greed and decided to punish them with 3 catastrophes. One of them was the Dragons, divine creatures blessed with magic capable of doing almost anything. Now the Orcs, with a Dragon by their side, seem to have the upper hand. Will humans just sit back and see their land get destroyed? They are too devious for that... Their only good plan at that point is to abduct a Dragon to even things up. But how are they going to manage the capture of a being with so much power?

Based on a 15 volume series of Korean novels completed by Kim Jung-ryul in 2002. The manhwa was discontinued after 6 volumes after the publisher BookBox went under in 2008.
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Great read !!!

Gonna have to check out the translated novels, this is too good.


I tried reading some ID but the main character was too much of a Mary Sue.

This manga was absolutely AMAZING. It is a pity that they stopped reproducing it. I wish that someone else would pick it up and continue. I heard that it is based on a novel, not sure where to find it again. I read a bit but the translation was really broken. 

I loved this magna so reminds me of  darker version of Id

Ahh, how many great manga would be in the world if the economy didn't go to shit. *sigh*

is there any other manga similar to this?


 "Id" is the closest thing. Great series.



is there any other manga similar to this?
this is like yu yu hashuko (forgot the exact spelling) how it felt like it could have been longer but was cut short.
How the he'll does this get a historical tag?
Maybe it'll go the route of successful Korean works and become a webcomic, wishful thinking, I suppose...
And thus ends a manga that was far more interesting than ID..... Damn
This was a good fucking manhwa , its sad that it ended like this.
It wasn't cancelled, the company died, so all of the stuff they were doing were stopped. Read that on egscans page if your wondering.
guys, this manwha has been cancelled. No more chapters =(

Its based of a novel, and some guy on MangaFox forums has 'roughly' summarized some and is continuing to do so. Its a bad translation and short summary though, so don't expect much.

Also, egscans (bless them!) are working on translating them better, and making longer summaries. They're not too far, just about where we are in the manwha. Check their forums under Dark Mage thread.
@Battle Franky 37

well you know.. lich are lich or maybe the term liche might be more familiar for you? It's an advanced type of undead mages you often see in RPGs O_o
@defry. Yeah it is. I'd love to read some more of it but apparently we'll just have to wait on their translations of the novels. One of the many that end/have ended lately.
Sad to see it end like this, unfinished and on hiatus.
Hey can any one tell me what is this "LICH" they are referring to in ch 20 ????

@Ferdinand: Almost definitely a woman, it might be a hermaphrodite or something but I doubt it. Not a whole lot of men walking around with their midriff exposed unless I'm mistaken.
whos that mage beside the dark mage?....is it a woman? or a man?
Anyone where I can get the raws for this? I'd like to read it in korean.
Damn ch 19 was short.....

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