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Dark Souls - Poka Poka Dark Souls Life (Doujinshi)

Alt Names: alt ぽかぽかダークソウルライフalt Dark Souls dj - Poka Poka Dark Souls Life
Author: Jam Session (Circle) & Miyasumi
Artist: Jam Session (Circle) & Miyasumi
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureComedy ComedyDoujinshi DoujinshiFantasy FantasyOneshot Oneshot
Type: Other
Status: Complete
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Best Waifu Priscilla was the only thing that kept me going in this game. After dying 40+ times to Ornstein and Smough, I was near madness.

Praise the motherfucking sun.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, the CAPRA DEMOOOOOOOON!!!!.....*sit on the floor, hug knees, swaying back and forth slowly*...happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts... but i still love you, Dark Souls. And I will finish you someday....now leave me a minute while i sleep the nightmares away...

lol Lautrec 

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Greetings, it appears you have stumbled upon a fantastic adventure tale! I am Solaire of Astora! Praise the Sun!

Posted Image

The sun is a wondrous body. Like a magnificent father! If only I could be so grossly incandescent!

Now, join me readers and let us engage in jolly co-operation!

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JAJAJAJA, I love it!!! that part with Lautrec got me jajaja!
@1Suspect - That's really dumb. You gave up on the boss fight that allows you to obtain the Lordvessel, which gives you the ability to teleport from key bonfires. LOL, the irony of quitting a game for not being able to do something that you would have been able to do if you had just spent 5 more minutes playing.

All hail the glory that is the vagina dragon!! *kneels*
I totally ruined one of my characters doing the Dragon's Head glitch until they patched it. Oh well.
Smough and orstein is where i stopped playing, and i really didn't like all the backtracking required to get around, it was much better in demon's souls as you could just port to the level you needed to go.

I'm looking forward to DkS 2 though, they seem to want to explain the game better to players which is something badly needed right now, i shouldn't have to wiki basically everything to have an idea of what to do.
Souls games?
1. Enjoy the hardcore gameplay and epic plot
2. Legitimately finish the game
3. Build your first cookie cutter
5. helping time?
7. Make new build..
*back to #4
so. fucking. true.

Story of my life here...haha.
I see. So that's why Lautrec ran away. Poor Anastacia still getting killed though.

Funny that I never knew of that area to get under the bridge near Firelink shrine despite having played Dark Souls for almost a year.
@ash32121 it was like "hey what the f*ck is plunging attack?" and "it's too high to jump down, i'll get tons of damage"
Good depiction of my first experience, good game, if you don't mind random jerks in world PVP invasion (but the few fair/honourable guys get a shoutout).
That's because it's the "spiritual successor" of Demon Souls.
hmm i havent played darksouls but yea if this is really like the gameplay and progression, it really reminds me of demon souls moments.
haha crestfallen warrior lol.
Cant wait for Dark Souls 2, Anyone who hasnt played this game must, its definitely one of the best there is.

Praise the Sun and good luck fellow travelers.
this is good,funny and so true, especially the part where you jump attack the tutorial boss =)) i just stand there like him and the boss fly up attack me =))

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