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Darling wa Namamono ni Tsuki

Alt Names: alt ダーリンは生モノにつきalt Boku wa Namamono ni Tsukialt 生鲜达令alt Darlingalt My Darling, My Fleshalt Ohnmächtig vor Glück
Author: Yoshihara Yuki
Artist: Yoshihara Yuki
Genres: Comedy ComedyJosei JoseiRomance RomanceSlice of Life Slice of LifeSmut Smut
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Imagine what it is like to be raised by a gay father who insists that you call him "mom". The main character turns out to be a woman who doubts her sexual orientation, until she meets the right guy. She is so sure that he is "the one," that she goes out of her way to pursue him and then marries him lightning fast! Essentially, the rest of the story is about keeping the chemistry (a little twisted and crazy though).
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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They didn't show us the babies!!!! I guess the hundred thousand kids would be hard to draw, but still!

what??? a quickly-married josei couple in which the husband doesn't totally ignore the wife's needs and expects her undaunted love without reciprocation while actually caring for her and they (usually) respect each other? this is unprecedented! (and very good, very funny) 

genial.. aunque era un poco perve pero es drama me mato de la risa XD.Aunque me hubiera gustado que al final salieran con su bebes

This manga cracks me up every time! Those random reaction faces and parodies, Priceless XD.
Very much recommend to people that doesn't mind a little dirty joke, smut, randomness and loads of laughter.
I really loved this manga -- such funny faces they're making. XDD
Too bad they didn't have a child before the series ended T^T
This manga is pretty amusing.. not to mention the memes in every chapter were funny as hell :))
@Purple Library Guy

Even if it was meant to be funny, It's quite sad if it such conversation really happened between Yoshihara and her editor.
OK, for those who don't usually bother reading them, the little author page thing at the beginning of chapter 2 is priceless hilarious.
Ohhh! This is the same mangaka who did "Itadakimasu" and "Haa Haa", among others. I knew it when I saw the girl go chibi. Her female characters often have this strong, open, heartfelt sexual desire for their partner going. They really, really want him bad, and not in that "Oh, no, don't, whatever shall I do" kind of way you get in manga so often. It's rather attractive although when she overdoes it for comedy it can get a bit dumb.
I always had the vague feeling the mangaka herself must be dashed good in bed, whether she's visually attractive or not.

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