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Dear Brother!

Alt Names: alt ディア ブラザー!
Author: ENJOUJI Maki
Artist: ENJOUJI Maki
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaJosei JoseiRomance Romance
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Komatsu Momo is a twenty-three-year-old normal office lady and all-around normal girl. She lives alone in the house her parents left her. The good news is, she’s planning to get married soon! The lucky guy is her colleague at work. And that’s why she firmly sets her mind on getting in touch with her brothers for the happy occasion… What will happen to her normal love and life when they get into the picture?!
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Muchísimas gracias heaven of temptation, hace mucho quería leer Dear brother, son las mejores!!!! :3 :3 :D ;D

Now I feel like None of the brothers are related to her.

Hah, this divorced woman in this chapter.


You aren't human because you didn't understand why I didn't want to divorce even though he cheated on me!


You see miss... being an a doormat with zero self-respect is not something everyone can understand, because that makes you quite the useless person.

Ohhhhh. I should have known. Can we have the not-really-siblings just not get together for once? It's supposed to be forbidden love and all, but it's been done so many times...

Yeah, there's clearly something there.  Her memory of the past is all jumbled; I bet he was never her brother to begin with, but she got all confused, and he made a promise to her mother to support her however she needed him… or something like that. 

<<Snipped>> Don't post raws ~Grumpy

I am hoping he isn't blood related personally...  


I like the male characters she writes / draws. 

On one hand, I think it's totally clear that she and Sougo are going to get together. On the other, I don't think Enjouji Maki is the kind of mangaka who wants to get heavy enough to take it the true incest route. So I'm with Empusa--bets on whether he's not blood related after all?
Empusa, narcissu, have you read Koi Kaze? Best incest manga I'm familiar with.
Comadrin--yeah, Enjouji Maki's stuff is a bit fluffy but always fun . . . and while there's some definite similarities, her characters aren't quite cardboard cutouts. The people in Private Prince are quite different from the ones in Hapi Mari, for instance.

I'm rather enjoying this one. It's got a good amount of humor, but isn't a gag manga. Enjouji Maki has some fairly stereotypical mc's (stoic, bullying, incredibly handsome studly males), but there is always a real plot rather than a collection of clichés. I'm looking forward to more of it.

Hhmmmm... I think I'm gonna wait & see. Not gonna touch it now incase it really turns out to be incest. I do have a big problem with that.
I love Enjouji Maki's mangas.
It would be great if this headed towards incest - I don't mind incest at all.

What I do mind is poorly written incest, which happens to be the god damn majority of the cases, but I am hopeful for this one.
I have a feeling that they are not all blood related.....
Can I expect incest here? It's only the first chapter, but I can already see where this is heading.
It's not that I really mind incest... No, actually I do, because brothers are brothers and should stay as brothers + a whole bunch of other reasons that I can't be arsed to explain right now.

Well, I've always enjoyed Enjouji Maki's mangas, thus I'm gonna follow this one whole-heartedly.
Who knows? Perhaps there'll be some twists and turns and all of a sudden they are not siblings anymore. I've seen it a million times. Pretty predictable.
Real incest is serious business though. It's forbidden love, so there's typically a lot of tragedy. I've read less than a handful well-written incest stories.
Whee~! Another Enjouji Maki series!!!
Awesome! I love Enjouji Maki! <3

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