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Deguchi Zero

Alt Names: alt 出口为零alt 出口ゼロalt No Exit
Author: SETA Haruhi
Artist: SETA Haruhi
Genres: Horror HorrorShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Akabane Yuuhi, a 15-year-old girl who aspires to become an actress. Well, her dream might soon come true. She has been accepted into 'Diamond Actors Academy', a very prestigious school which trains young boys and girls to become actors. Many famous actors and actresses graduated from this school. So, of course, Yuuhi is excited. But, things start to get a bit weird. Just what is up with their teacher, Otome Kasumi? The acting is getting a tad too realistic to be considered acting. Things are getting really creepy. Is the school really what it seems? Or is there more to this school than meets the eye?
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Timeless scans Timeless scans 2 weeks ago

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I fear getting my hopes up for nothing.

Aphorism flashed through my head lolol. It's definitely got me hooked and looking for raws DX
..i.. Is that how people became actors?!?! OAO

Yes. Just yes. Gorgeous plot so far: not complicated, but quite fun. Looking forward to more updates! That is, if we get them.....

....and that it's Hina-chan.


Guessing since she was singled out.

Hmm... the plot-pacing is over-rushed and choppy -- and, with the "be your role" thing going on, getting characterisation across is a problem. <_< Not sure if I'll keep up with this one.


Somehow, this second chapter... just leaves me feeling somewhat bored. It's just seems like a lot of run screaming from here to there with no hint of a reason to make me care about the characters that end up dead.

Why is no one punch that teacher? Is it because this is a shoujo?


And yeah this reminds me with Danganronpa.

I don't really like this. It feels like a rip-off from a certain game. I mean, the setting and the character theme is pretty much Dangan Ronpa don't you think? Being trapped inside a school where you will live forever unless you graduate or die. A bunch of talented people who need to play a survival game. A psychotic principal who kills the students in messed-up ways. Although it follows a different plot-line, the style is just too similar.

The rest of the manga (it's already 9 chapters and ongoing, but no one is translating anymore?) has the same tone. It seems that this Shoujo author has taken lesson from Umineko or something. That face somehow reminds me of Beatrice (although Beatrice is in a class of her own =D).

I really get the feeling that Otome is that old senpai and he was given the role of Otome when he was in that school. That role then was adopted to be used outside once escaping or graduating.

 Ehm... It was a twist, indeed, but it's not even close to "out-of-place", the author took care of slightly trying to show glimpses of the actual situation, lik when Kawai's legs gets hurt. Yes, the idea changed a lot to what we expected, but goddamn even the description tells you so you can't go like "Oooh this is so SURPRSING!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, HOW".


I think that this could become rather interesting, since the characters have to play another character, so they won't be themselves, or they'll try at least, but at some point they won't be able to play their part anymore and that's when things will get interesting.


 Also, did anyone notice that the eyes are drawn like a water mirror? The pupil is like a black lake, and the iris are the same but more clear.

Lolol, first time I laughed hard @ a shoujo manga.

Damn, that twist was so out of place that I couldn't help but laugh histerically. I guess that wasn't what the author was aiming for, but who wouldn't laugh? In the span of two pages the manga made a complete 180° turn. And these supposedly scary faces that the teacher made were absolutely hilarious.

Well, color me interested. That was a hell of an introduction.


truly an unexpected twist, but interesting.

Apparently Horror and Shoujo according to MU, added it for now anyway

Well, that was an unexpected twist. I'm hoping that dark(ish) turn is only temporary.

Lovely premise and great artwork. Thanks for the release, followed ^____^


Gotta make those dreams into a reality.

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