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Denpa Kyoushi

Alt Names: alt 電波教師alt Guru Otaku Terhebatalt Ultimate Otaku Teacher
Author: AZUMA Takeshi
Artist: AZUMA Takeshi
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaHarem HaremRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Kagami Junichirou is known as a Genius Physicist. He wrote a thesis at a young age of 17 and it was even published by "Nature" a prominent science magazine. After college he devoted himself to being an Otaku and a NEET. Updating his Anime Blog, aiming for #1 ranking. He claims to have a disease that makes him do ONLY what he wants to do. Desperate to get him to do something with his life, his little sister manages to get him a job as a teacher at his Alma Mater.
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Vol.15 Ch.137: YD Students!
S2Scans Asuna-chan A week ago

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Just a little scary how many people rallied just for him.


Just a little scary...

not really... think of it like Twitch where lots of people come together just to watch a guy play game... (AND pays to watch the guy play game...)

(the top Twitcher have around 30,000+ USD of SUB over 2 year and around 5,000+ USD from donations per year to just play games all day)


and Kagami isn't even getting any of the money for the games he plays... (or his theories and solutions)...


now... if Kagami was in Real Life and on Twitch... I am pretty sure he'll have more than 100,000 viewers all day every day while he's doing his "teaching".


So gathering up a few hundred of hardcore gamers to help him is a small feat... like less than 1% of his fans.

so this series is becoming a Bi-monthly or what?

You'd think an even crazier yandere would be a part of the lot and would have a sniper rifle. Nope, that plottwist was removed,

Just a little scary how many people rallied just for him.


Just a little scary...

Cover 19!



R.I.P Azuma Takeshi, Going to quit life and Play Dragon Extra.

*sheds manly tears*

Dear manga, we get it your protagonist is unbalanced as hell.

It's beyond just unbalanced. It's literally broken. He have the "power of the idiot" where he can do anything he want cuz he wants to do it.

Dear manga, we get it your protagonist is unbalanced as hell.

BTW, 97 degrees ethanol isn't vodka. It isn't even liquor. It's a spirit used as fireplace ignition liquid. Or as fuel in spirit burners.


I wonder if the translation can get a bit more often release ...

didnt bother to read the bullshit op explainations about the test,this manga was so good but it keep doing Kagami good a everything i dont remenber him ever losing and it get kind of boring with time

Wow, I forgot about this until I saw it today...

Anyone know the scanlation status on this?

Klein bottles always remind me of Xonotic bot orchestra since the first place I heard of it was as a musical instrument in that shooting game.

so, comeback is real?

Living like that would be little different from death, frankly, and viewed most cynically, you're actually a drain on humanity's resources.


Also, the millenium problems? Really?


Ah well, at least we're halfways back to where we started, quality-vise.

Hahaha guys, check chapter 165 where bunch of naked lolis molest naked shotas.

Bleh, this has become a mobius strip of shark jumping...

She didn't want to just sit in bed for the rest of her life and that makes it his fault? Mmmk.

The answer is always the same cliche, it's better to push yourself and enjoy it beyond your limit and die as the cost rather than alive but get nothing mmm...

That reason...


I knew it was kind of stupid reason, what's wrong telling them to live to fullest instead of living a boring life in hospital?

She sure would be alive for a bit longer without surgery but she decide to take it even thought it low.

It still stings whenever i remember the "ending"



cause it had an "unexpected" ending? that no one ever thought it would be possible?


I want my God back...

From objective POV, that's true. but from Kagami's POV? does it matter when Kagami thinks that he was the cause of her death?


So to take responsibility for someone else's death which he obviously isn't actually responsible for, he's going to allow one of his students to unwittingly become partially responsible for his own death? I'm sure that student would be totally fine after finding out that they were party to a murder/suicide.

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