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Devil Survivor 2 - The Animation

Alt Names: alt デビルサバイバー2alt Devil Survivor 2alt DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 the ANIMATIONalt Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2
Author: Atlus
Artist: SHIOTA Haruto
Genres: Action ActionMystery MysterySci-fi Sci-fiShounen ShounenSupernatural SupernaturalTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: With Japan in a desperate situation, 13 "devil survivors" cut deals with devils to obtain abilities that let them fight against unknown invaders. With only 7 days left until a world catastrophe, they must make crucial decisions to survive...

Alternate Story:

> Devil Survivor 2 —Show Your Free Will—
( http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/devil-survivor-2-—show-your-free-will—-r8820 )
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2 chapters in ... pokemon?

I watched the Anime...

It is a masterpiece!


We still have one more episode left to watch, but among all the animes that came out this year, in terms of how "well done" they were, "Devil Survivor 2- the animation" wins by far.

There are VERY few supernatural-apocalypse- animes around that ACTUALLY have a proper atmosphere, soundtrack and emotional moments^^


Among the most recent animes there are only a few REALLY worth watching;


Devil survivor2 the animation:

Because it was so well done and REALLY captivates you


Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on titan

Very well done, although lots of fighting, gore and giant people eating normal people for the sake of it 


Suisei no Gargantia

Soldier from space who did nothing but kill some squid-like aliens comes down to earth and tries to get used to the situation, also very well done


Date a live

I've read the LN, Anime is very well done, really liked it


Hataraku Maousama! and Hentai ouji to warawai neko for the lolz




Highschool DxD season 2... when it comes out next month (read the LN too, so it's gonna get pretty interesting)

Wow. I actually forgot to translate two bubbles. Welp, that's embarrassing :S

huh, looks like Byakko is gonna have a hard time.

That's only in terms of the anime of course. In the game, Byakko is not even lightning except for his little null electric. He is pure physical and could probably kick Botis' ass twice over.

Upcoming demon


huh, looks like Byakko is gonna have a hard time.

Upcoming demon


Hotsuin's hair style reminded me of Motochika from Pokemon Conquest.. ahaha.

Damn, it's making me excited. It's really rare to see manga adaptation to be so good

...the 'Power' of Angels...

That is either a pun or a case of damn good translation...

Both works.



Anguished One appears on Day 4 in the game

The mmorpg, Imagine, is part of the MegaTen franchise.

Devil Survivor is a spinoff series and is a tactical rpg on the DS/3DS handheld.

I must say that a Maziodyne on day 2 is just pure Overkill.

@ Lockwyn
both devil survivor and persona are a spin-off of megaten (shin megami tensei)
@ Lockwyn
Well you are not wrong about that. Then again almost all of ATLUS games have demons.
The online version of Shin Megami Tensei is just one of them.
That aside, this manga (and hopefully the anime) is quite a refreshing news. That means other ATLUS games might get animation version too...

...though seeing Byakko summoned so early is surprising, I mean he is a level 53 demon and Kuze summoned him so quickly...
Can't wait to see his next demon.

Also, most other characters in the game mentioned they like his humor. I hope Kuze has his game-version's sense of humor. He wouldn't be the MC of Devil Survivor 2 without it...
I didn't know anything about Devil Survivor or the DS games till I came across this manga, but Atlus Games has a mmo called Shin Megami Tensei that seems to be related to all this. It's got the demons and the cell phones.
The story progress differently from the game, yet it isn't failing to deliver the excitement (as of now)
Glad to see Hotsuin is as much of an arrogant jerk in this as in the game. I relished smashing his face in.
This guy is getting an anime this coming Spring 2013.

@manga-sugoi todas las historias del Megaten Universo son interesantes, parece que Atlus ha decidido apoyar esta saga tambiencon una animacion
@Ju2c0c0 Devil Survivor 2 has nothing in common, other than some of the demons and the fighting system. (Gamewise.)
The stories themselves do not relate to one another.
Has Devil Survivor 2 has something to do with the the 1st one ?
Hmm, anyone else think the woman in the last few scenes said the wrong words?
I'm surprised, the protagonist has so much emotion. The manga version is actually pretty good.
Hey Joe where'ja go?
se ve muy bueno.

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