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Devil's Bride (KIM Se-Young)

Alt Names: alt Az ördög menyasszonyaalt Devil's Bridealt Devil's Bride (KIM Sae Young)alt Devil's Bride (KIM Sae-Young)alt 악마의 신부 만들기
Author: Kim Se-Young
Artist: Kim Se-Young
Genres: Drama DramaSupernatural SupernaturalTragedy TragedyYaoi Yaoi
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Ongoing
Description: After many years of living alone in a deep forest, the devil has gotten lonely. He decides to buy himself a human bride to cure his loneliness as well as help him shed his devil identity. But when his new, beautiful young bride dies suddenly after only a few blissful days, the devil decides this time to build himself a bride. First on his list of items to acquire for the construction of his perfect mate: eyes...
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This final so open not like it at all.
I did not understand anything about what happened at the end for any of the two stories. ._.

I didn't understand the story "While the heart is beating", can someone explain it to me? I read it many times but still no idea about who they are and the end.

did he just give him a free meal?

I love how we are getting the back storries of how each piece was acquired.... Wonder what will happen when the last piece is obtained.....

The feels. The Bishies!

This is so adorable...X_x

Awesome *ç*

This is going to be a hardcore story I can tell you that much.

It's surprisingly interesting. :) Follow!

Damn I feel sorry for the devil already... the moment he died was a bit rushed but I'm waiting for more *0*

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