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Secondary: Sky Slate Blackcurrant Watermelon Strawberry Orange Banana Apple Emerald Chocolate Marble
Pattern: Blank Waves Squares Notes Sharp Wood Rockface Leather Honey Vertical Triangles
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Alt Names: alt Child's Play: The Bookalt 特刑部队DOLLS
Author: Naked Ape
Artist: Naked Ape
Genres: Action ActionDrama DramaJosei JoseiMartial Arts Martial ArtsMystery MysteryPsychological Psychological
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: After the crime rate began to spiral out of control in the third Toutoh empire, a law was established to help expedite trials and relieve the pressure on the overcrowded prisons, which were filled to the brim with criminals who had been sentenced to life in prison without any chance of parole. According to this new law, trials could still be held and the death sentence could still be given to accused criminals who hadn’t been captured yet. Moreover, in order to capture these criminals who had been given a punishment by the courts, the Special Executions police force was created…
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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It actually updated?! A miracle from the gods.


It just finished, the miracle has became fulfilled.

It actually updated?! A miracle from the gods.

I want more... :(

Needing a cleaner/typesetter for the series!

So Entropy is finally back? OMG YES PLEASE COMPLETE THIS SERIES I'M DYING (*≧▽≦)

Thank you for the release! 

Why do the women (specifically, the Tokkei women... more specifically, the woman with long black hair) stand with their knees together instead of shoulder width? It's really awkward. It's even more awkward when their arms are folded; it looks really insecure... and it also looks kinda like their shoulders are hunched, which really maxes out the impression of insecurity. That's not right because like for example, the Tokkei women are like improved female Bonds; their body language should have major swagger. Sometimes, they do some stomping but a lot of times, they just don't bring it.

Also, Ayane's eyes are too scary to be cute.

Also, I think the 2nd brigade's captain would benefit from a haircut. She looked way better in street clothes and black hair instead of those insane princess curls. Just imagine her without the coiled sausages swinging from her head. Instamakeover.



A good dozen? Nice combo. Might as well pick this up and see what's going on.

So if I'm not wrong, a new artbook called "change" is coming out, right?

I really like this series. I'd say it's one of my favorites. Is Entropy still active though? Seems like they haven't released anything in more than a few months. \:

What!!! This certaintly has some elements of shounen-ai. That Inspector has it in for the Captain. Plus everyone is a "pretty boy". Granted it's very very light shounen-ai, people who read this have to admit that it is a total sausage fest.

On to personal notions, I do not care for the newbie, I believe that the vice-captain is the fairest of them all / most cool.
@ElementalFoxGoddess The shounen-ai tag is not correct. I've removed it.
Ok...so where's the shounen ai? Is it between Shouta and his childhood friend....I hope not!! I would prefer Shouta and Shikiba...is that his name?....
Nice one! Definitely need more! :D

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