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Doraemon - Ending (Doujinshi)

Alt Names: alt Akhir dan Awal dari Doraemonalt Doraemon Doujinshi - Fan Endingalt Doraemon Episode Terakhiralt Doraemon Last Episodealt The End and The Beginning of Doraemonalt The Final Chapter of Doraemon
Author: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Genres: Doujinshi DoujinshiDrama DramaMystery MysteryRomance RomanceSci-fi Sci-fiTragedy Tragedy
Type: Other
Status: Complete
Description: This is the ending of Doraemon made ​​by fans (Doujinshi).
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The best ending for the best manga.

i never know it was a doujinshi until now
aww.... i read it like 5 times... but it still make me teary.... uaaa.aaaa!!!!!!!
love DORAEMON!!!
This doujinshi apparently sold so much that the publisher actually sued the author.
If you want to see bad-ass Nobita, you have to see the Doraemon's movies ^_^

Nobita is awesome in this story.

But Nobita is always awesome.
*Correction. It still makes me cry now even though the last time I read Doraemon was a while ago.
The power of childhood memories..
Omg I remembered this. This made me cry..
The author died so there is no official ending. But, I like this fan fiction (doujinshi). It is great to see Nobita grow and persevere to fulfill his dream.
There is no real ending for Doraemon.
what is the real ending of doraemon?? hmmn i wonder
Nobita is awesome in this story.
English version has added! Posted Image
This link: http://www.hobbyfanatics.com/index.php?/topic/11783-doreamon-last-episode/
has the English version of this doujinshi
I only have in Bahasa Indonesia. Anyone have any other language?

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