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EX - Shounen Hyouryuu

Alt Names: alt EXalt EX - Young Castawaysalt EX少年漂流alt EX~少年漂流~alt Shounen Hyouryuualt Young Castaways
Author: Yamada Yoshinobu
Artist: Yamada Keiyou
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureDrama DramaEcchi EcchiHorror HorrorMystery MysteryPsychological PsychologicalShounen ShounenTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Satoshi and a group of his friends are on a lengthy boat ride to Kijijima when the world comes to an end – literally. A huge Tsunami wave 500 meters tall overpowers the boat and he finds himself stranded on an island and alone. Meanwhile the rest of the boat has grounded after being dashed upon the shores and soon Satoshi finds them, and sets off a struggle to survive for the passengers and crew of the ship…
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Someone commented on this series after so long! There were a few details that i did not like in this series, but overall, I found it to be an immensely enjoyable series


This was the very first series that I worked on as a noobie proofreader for Death Toll.  I am almost afraid to reread it and see just how many errors that I left in it as a rookie proofreader! 



So....why did their life vests vanish when they woke up?

Was this one before or after Cage of Eden? I think I liked Cage of Eden better, although the ending for this one is better. Not a truly great manga or anything, but a decent enough way to pass the time.

lol when i saw the cover i thought the guy was wearing the skirt


I scrolled down to the comments to say just this. And lo!


The sort of mixed color tones on the legs, the fact that her build is disproportionately narrow at the top but those large legs fit him perfectly, and as the clincher, that little blue patch of wall we see through the triangle formed by his arm, following the natural lines of... well, a slightly daring corset, it seems.


Bravo, eminently forgettable artist. Your picture is even more sketchy and scandalous than you had envisioned in your fervent imagination. You have outdone yourself, and now your masterpiece shall be available to the internet for all time.

lol when i saw the cover i thought the guy was wearing the skirt

This kinda ending is actually more realistic than total extinction since the only long term threat was a virus that doesn`t even work beneficially for itself. The fact is that its simply probable that there are at least some immune people within mankind no matter the virus. Besides 25,000 years should be enough to do more than rebuild civilization since they still should have their school books and other written materials, since some libraries and UNI`s should still be intact.
I actually like how the story flowed up till the end, though I would say that the story could've ended at c25 perfectly fine.
so is this how history repeats itself?
I liked the ending the whole humanity is doomed scenario gets boring there might be people immune to the virus.
Thank you, Death Toll guys, I'm deeply grateful for all the work, time and dedication you poured into this :)

I'm also a bit surprised, I was expecting an "and then they grew into adults and caught the virus themselves, despair ending", something like that...
Poor sleep pixies....
Honestly what's up with all of the "Lord of the Flies" eque manga out there? Merely counting the ones that are blatantly similar I know of 2 others besides this one. But "death game" type mangas wind up being extremely similar as well.
Such a weak ending. The kids survive and reform civilization after an apocalyptic scenario? Could you get any more shounen?
God, I hate Kazuma. He is one of those characters that you wish was alive just so you could beat the crap out of him. Can't wait to see more releases of this.
@crywarrior, lol this was done before Cage of Eden...and is completed. (Ends in volume 5 :/)
has yamada already finished cage of eden in japan?
why do i have a feeling the fat guy will choke the kazama guy.
Now it a battle manga?
Lol'd at the statue being in the picture.
sweet survival story
well i am known to have fits of madness, cheers.
You're seeing things :P
chapter 15 seems a little off...
Disaster...survival...people going nuts...it's all here, folks.

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