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Fall in Love (MORINAGA Milk)

Alt Names:
Author: MORINAGA Milk
Artist: MORINAGA Milk
Genres: Oneshot OneshotRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Ai Shoujo Ai
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Natsume seeks shelter from the rain, as does her old classmate Iwasa who just so happens to hate her.
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I don't get it, you know.  I mean, if you look at the story's bones, it's so simple and basic.  Cliche even.  Morinaga Milk's stuff is often like that.

And plus, as pezzie says, her character designs often go back to the same basic people over and over.

So why is it that I read a little story like this, which someone else would do and I'd be like "That's nice, I guess", and if it's Morinaga Milk it always gives me that ache in my chest?

sweet, and cute.

Morinaga Milk stories are always fantastic, and I really enjoyed this one, but she really needs to come up with some new character designs. I get that she loves the short dark haired girl and the long light haired girl, but make them look more different! Natsume looked just like Mari/Nana in some panels.
Yup. Morinaga Milk is one of the absolute top yuri mangaka. F'rinstance, Girl Friends is a classic.
Agreed! I don't think I've ever seen anything from this mangaka that I didn't like. :D
Cuuute, I mean it's Morinaga Milk, all her stuff's cute (and good)

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