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Free Draw

Alt Names: alt Free Throw
Author: Jeon Sun-Wook
Artist: Jeon Sun-Wook
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenWebtoon Webtoon[no chapters] [no chapters]
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Ongoing
Description: ====Batoto Staff Notice====
This comic has been requested to be taken down by Naver. Do not upload, for any language.
This record has been left here to serve as a notice.
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You can read Free Draw here:



AND IT'S BACK! ... Just not here, yet.

this manhawa is just epic , im crying
need more of this :'(

Dehell why is nobody picking this project up ...

EGS said they are dropping it. I hope someone else takes it. It's just a really funny series. 

So is this project dead ? on the easygoing scans forum, they say they might drop it soon, and now its gone here too ?


Damn it was one the few webtoons that I actually liked instead of just following it by habit like noblesse or tower of god...

This is so great, please! Moar!

The facial expressions in this are beautiful. And by beautiful I mean they're hilarious. Hilariously beautiful. I can tell this is gonna be a good series! :D

Haha, just finished reading all the raws available. This manhwa is hilarious.


"Do you know what this is?"


Such a classic line

Followed for impending genocides that the MC will unleash due to abnormal pressure buildup and futile containment attempts.

Not bad so far. 

That parody panel at the end of chapter 2 made me laugh way too much

art, dialogues... good start! 

Guys , EGScans are in need of some staff for this manwa , they need Typesetters , if you are experienced ( or whatever ) , please apply , i want faster releases :D

asdf did the prologue as well http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/free-throw-r10441

shouldn't the two pages be merged?

hmm.. it's just the prologue..

This one has probably the funniest faces i have seen in a while. There are total of ~12 chapters out for now. I don't know korean , but the facial expressions make everything damn funny.

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