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Fujimi Lovers

Alt Names: alt 不死身ラヴァーズalt Ölümsüz Aşıklaralt Undead lovers
Author: Takagi Yuna
Artist: Takagi Yuna
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaMystery MysteryPsychological PsychologicalRomance RomanceShounen ShounenSupernatural SupernaturalTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: A spiral love story.

Kouno Jun is a lively character who lives life with all his might. In kindergarten, he falls in love with Hasebe Rino, the most beautiful girl in his class, and he confesses to her. Hasebe accepts his love, but the moment she gives her answer, she vanishes on the spot. Failing to figure out what's going on, Kouno asks his friends about Hasebe, only to find out that no one remembers a single thing about her. She has just vanished, along with all memories about her, except for those of Kouno.

While Kouno leads a weary and desperate high school life, Hasebe appears again as a transfer student. However, this Hasebe is not exactly the Hasebe he knows...
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This was good but hard to read in an emotional sense.


I guess it is all about the process of falling in love.  In that manner, Kouno is very lucky.  He will always be able to reunite with the one he loves but he is cursed because he will always have to suffer the accompanying loss.

Although it was axed would you still recommend it?
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We believe so.

What a shame :/

Damn, this is sad.

Was the series axed?


We believe so.

Damn, this is sad.

Was the series axed?

Does anyone know if there is going to be a sequel? Based on the end of ch.12 it seems like it, although I have this feeling that it doesn't exist.

This manga opened a door for me that should have never been open... 

Ahhhhhh~ did it really ended this way ?!?

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I think this series was a look into relationships as a whole and what can be classified as love. Was he in love with each individual Hasabe or the concept of her? The way he fell apart differently after each loss makes me think it was the former/a combination of the 2. It was interesting to say the least.

My god... A myth of Sisyphus reference? I do see the clear parallels, though.

if this is what absurd love is, it is really close to being stalking.


now that i think about it, if it wasnt for the fact that she disappears again and again, this story would just be about a really persistent stalker

They could have at least addressed what was going on, on some level... I'm curious if the author will even be able to make a part 2 and find a magazine to publish it after this...

well, this ending was totally unsatisfactory, nothing was addressed.

Thanks TSP!

Everyone who reads this manga is an M. Congrats on finishing this roller coaster of suffering. 5/5 for breaking my heart, but I have had a bad enough day already, so 1/5...

the author sure knows how to express Kuono's feelings man


basically they know how to punch in the guts

just sad...

I guess the point of the story wasn't the mystery of the disappearances, but rather Kouno coming to terms with the fact that he always will chase Hasebe and that he's fine with that. Because the alternative, to give up on her, would hurt even more? Man now I'm sad again :(



edit: lmao, looking back at the comments when people called this a romcom... haha, I wish

One must imagine Kouno Jun happy.


My god... A myth of Sisyphus reference? I do see the clear parallels, though.


this had no point?

I'm sure the author wanted to maybe convey something

but in the end he didn't, and we're left with a unfinished story

really bad selling point for your next series, if there is a next one

a great series, turned weak

I found the point being the plot. Hasebe will keep disappearing every time she reciprocates jun's love. That's all there is to it. There is no deeper meaning, and there is no consolidation or comfort for the reader through a supposed lesson to be learned from this. It feels painful and raw (unfinished) because just like Jun, we don't get answers. We all suffer together.


So I doubt this will get it, but this NEEDS a part 2.


While depressing, it's also bittersweet. Yes, she disappears, but he's also the last person she loves before she does.

this only brings pain, suffering, and absolute sadness. It is guaranteed to bring down your mood. A solid 5/5 star read.

Giving me extras to this series is like if I just got my arm amputated and you brought me cake to cheer me up, then ripped off my medical dressing and shoved the cake into my arm hole.



Every time I try to read a chapter it betrays me.

One must imagine Kouno Jun happy.

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