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Alt Names: alt 風夏
Author: SEO Kouji
Artist: SEO Kouji
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaEcchi EcchiMusic MusicRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSlice of Life Slice of LifeTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Yuu Haruna just moved into town and is addicted to twitter. When he goes out to buy dinner he bumps into a mysterious girl, Fuuka Akitsuki, who breaks his phone thinking he was trying to take a picture of her panties. How will his new life change now?


> Suzuka
( http://www.batoto.net/comic/_/comics/suzuka-r74 )
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Title Group Contributor Date
Ch.41: Reboot
Red Hawk Scans KidCongo A day ago
Ch.40: Not Cut Out for This
Red Hawk Scans KidCongo A week ago
Ch.40: Ты просто не создан для подобного
Aizen522(Aizen-sama (Eden404)) Aizen-sama 6 days ago
Ch.40: No estas hecho para esto.
Koimora Scan & Yami Tenshi no Fansub Rogday 4 days ago
Ch.29: Невероятно!
Aizen522(Aizen-sama (Eden404)) Aizen-sama 03 September 2014 - 09:43 AM
Ch.11: Speak Up!
Red Hawk Scans KidCongo 12 April 2014 - 04:22 AM
Ch.1v2: Fuuka [full color]
Koimora Scan & Yami Tenshi no Fansub Rogday 18 March 2014 - 04:58 AM
Ch.0: Koyuki!
Red Hawk Scans KidCongo 02 September 2014 - 04:08 PM
Ch.0: Principio
Koimora Scan & Yami Tenshi no Fansub Rogday 03 September 2014 - 05:25 AM


Emotional Chapter at point when YUU Kun throw the mobile phone away . YUU Kun it has voice mail the voice of your Love


and then YUU Kun say that powerful Impact making Line


When Your Loved one is in your heart .


philosphical love pure love but still you need these pracical things like Voice Mail .


Go YUU Kun get your mobile repaired like in chapter 001 and get back all data Especially Voice mail .


story is going as predicted by everyone and still people say


seo kouji did something new or fresh . SIGH

Fuuka who? inb4 best girl



Fukka you. Sorry, I just had to do it.

So uhhh, what happend to all the chapters? O.o

trolls who hated batoto deleted them

idk why people are like that? I like how story is going so far

Heroine is Yuu-kun though...

so no one died here in this series am i ryt?

So uhhh, what happend to all the chapters? O.o

Oh god he would prob kill her too

Seo has tasted blood, and he wants more. 

Lol, the chapter title.... "I come from the Net, through people and cities...To this place. Mainframe." :P

Everyone who is just thinking about who the next girlfriend is , please fck off . seriously .What a bunch of kids... all you can think about is- who the next gf is- will next gf die too- wtf is wrong with your head if you want to read a manga which MC gets lots of girls or all the girls die just drop this and read another work, all you are doing here is spamming the same thing over and over again , and I am telling you : what you guys are writing here are not funny, it is just annoying...

Blues Brothers cameo? "We're getting the band back together."

Fuuka who? inb4 best girl



wow so much chapter disappear like ghost :o

So whos gonna be the next gf?

This has been on my mind lately, but... I keep expecting some sort of Deus Ex Machina happening even though SEO doesn't do anything like that... :/

I have no idea what is going on anymore.

*Laughing out loud.


So, that's it? It's not that i am complaining or anything, but it's now a Race to the top of the Music Industry?! That's it? I wish SEO "The Bastard" will add more depth to Fuuka's death, not just like "Oh, okay, she died" and not will affect the whole story.


Well. at least there are some developments.

That was badass yes Lets go my Hype is finally back with this manga

Whats up with all the complaining?
If you dont like it dont read it, its as simple as that.
​Any questions?

let me guess, the members of the band will be back together, aim to the budokan uneasily then reach it, fuuka's ghost appear sing with them, yuu crying like a baby and the end.

I can't see why everyone just keep complaining, it's good that SEO make it different from Kimi ni machi.

Tragedy isn't all that bad making Yuu grown up as person. 

We quite figured it all that something will happen with Fuuka when they all sudden said there is another genius.

A-hahahaha !!!


The main heroine died? So lucky that I dropped this series on chapter 3... had enough with SEO "romance" BS

isnt it the dude's guitar? like isnt the MC being a little hoe about it? buy your own guitar kid


You don't read at all?

It's Yuu's bass actually, he bought it with his money and Fukaa's

The other Guy, Yassan, was the previous owner of that bass, he went to Yuu's house to "have it back", but in a fact, it's Yuu's bass

And now the legend begins...Our hero has a purpose in his life ... He seeks Fukaa at Budokan. What a crazy bassist we have, is he willing to commit suicide at Budokan? and the legend continues...I am still waiting for another truck

Can you please tell me when the legend begins?

weeeeelllll if were gonna pretend like youre telling the history of some famous band, it probably started when she died since thats where the story changes direction

Maybe aiming to Budokan is the beginning

Yeah I was thinking that, but, WTF is this, "the legend begins", "the legend is coming", I Mean 3 chapthers and they haven´t show a precise prelude to the "legend", I don´t know, something like a big part of the history so far was a dream, Or she being alive after Batman rescued her, etc... I just want to see the "legend"....

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