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Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekake-chuu

Alt Names: alt Bạch cốt cường giả tại dị giớialt 骸骨騎士様、只今異世界へお出掛け中alt Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e o Dekake-chuualt 해골기사님은 지금 이세계 모험 중alt Skeleton Knight, going out to the parallel universealt Skeleton Knight, in Another World
Author: HAKARI Enki
Artist: KeG
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureDrama DramaFantasy FantasyHarem HaremRomance RomanceSeinen SeinenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: The protagonist fell asleep while playing an online game. However, he awoke in a strange world with his game character’s appearance. In a state of shock, he noticed that he was equipped with nothing but his strongest weapon and armor. To make matters worse, our hero’s appearance was changed by the special avatar skin『Skeleton』when he enter this new world. The protagonist wanted to live without drawing attention, but he got acquainted with the dark elf Ariana and received her request.
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Title Group Contributor Date
Vol.1 Ch.1: Chapter 1
LHTranslation tagomisugi 3 days ago
Vol.1 Ch.1: อัศวินเเห่งสวรรค์ "อาร...
ManyBaht'TEAM nunzime 2 days ago
Ch.1 Read Online
Rakuen Translations papo41 2 days ago

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There are lots of manga/comics with skeletons and there are lots of manga/ln with isekai
so why compare? why not just enjoy the goddamn thing. if it's bad then drop it. 

Likeable MC - checked

Cute girls - checked

Shitstorm in comments - checked


Picked up.



...Oops, wrong manga

Is that mean there is no rape in middle ages?


If you think the editorial team is shit the I'm waiting for your INTERESTING manga..

I'm not interested in rape as a fetish, it is a topic I do not feel skilled enough as a writer to deal with either.  Which is the general feeling I get with scenes in stories like this, which feels like it was done more as a fetish.  Like someone Ctrl+C'd it from a hentai. =\

This MC is way too similar to Momonga for this to be a coincidence. 


Something about the way the MC conducts his thoughts irks me, but other than that I can't say this was horrible. Art is nice, at least.

There's something to be said about being distracted by piles of shitty isekai that makes it impossible for one to get anything done. 

Well, after reading the first volume.. It was okay. It's like a less serious and more comedy Overlord. 


Gonna follow this for arc's silly monologue

At this point I just read these to see if I should read them because their good or because their funny, because even if they aren't good it's still fun to see how bad they are.

Well, at least the art is nice. It can be fun if it keeps going like this.

As long as it is half as amusing as Overlord I will enjoy it. Whelp 1 chapter wont say too much. /followed

I'm optimistic about this one. The harem tag is a curse as always, but I'll take an Overlord clone over a Shieldhero clone (cuz I can't think of the earliest of this trope) any day, lately.

So Overlord but not demons. Well they tried.

story have potential... just don't drop it like all others

Another one of these. Sigh.


I just hope this one won't have pacing that's too fast, like some manga's that are adapted from light novels.

First chapter was fine. Just fine though.

"Lets not stand out!"
>immediately saves an ojou-sama

That's some pretty pale looking skin for a dark elf...

In the germanic mythology all the elves races have pale skin, the differences between dark elf and high elf are cultural and be hair color.

I'm reading the novel and if the manga follow well the history i strongly recommend this manga.


another isekai. why dont they make more reverse isekai instead? stuff like hataraku maou-sama.

not i'm really complaining about this one. the art's pretty good.

Doesn't really use much of the from another world setting much so far in the translated chapters.

The overlord comparions are justified, but this does stand up on it's own. It's fairly funny, usually lighthearted. Think of it as if Ainz was permanently doing that pretend adventurer thing of his.


I'm really happy to see this as manga. I've loved the incredibly badass design of the mc ever since reading the novel. I mean, holy shit, I dare anybody to look at page 28 and not moist their panties.

another isekai. why dont they make more reverse isekai instead? stuff like hataraku maou-sama.

not i'm really complaining about this one. the art's pretty good.

Yes! The misadventures of the money-grubbing skeleton knight and his dark elf cohort finally sees a translation.

Overlord Mk2 lol

Op Skeleton Mc. Ohh it reminds me of some other skeleton guy.

Based on the opening scene's mid-rape scene, I assume the artist has done hentai?

If you look the credit at page 3, manga adaptation is done by サワノアキラ (Sawano Akira?). I assume this is the same person with 澤野明 (Sawano Akira) that done H manga.

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