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Gaussian Blur

Alt Names:
Author: Park Seein
Artist: Park Seein
Genres: Drama DramaRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of LifeWebtoon Webtoon
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Complete
Description: Day after day, honor student Hwang Dong Wook gets called out by the bullies in his class to serve as their punching bag. Day after day, the last-ranked student Choi Yool is shunned by her classmates because of her beauty and her grades. As it happens, the sullen boy and the carefree girl sit next to each other in class. When the top student is asked to lure her into the bullies dirty schemes, their lives take an unexpected turn...

Original webtoon from Daum: http://cartoon.media.daum.net/webtoon/view/blur
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Topic Spoil the story for me please? New Window Pseudonymous_Existence
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Author tried to be deeper than evangelion, Didn't work for him, though.

I finally understand it when i remembered penguindrum(well i already did but to lazy to look for this short story)


First chapters were quite infuriating for me.

Overall: quite nice comic.

I need a conclusive ending!

I really liked the paste and the artstyle of this manhwa and the story was interesting. It just feld somewhat rushed at the end.

The characters needed a bit depth, and the manhwa should have been longer anyway!^^


Thanks to

Park Seein for this manhwa. I really enjoied it.


and of coure the guys from

Sea of Clouds


Ciel Scans

Kawa Scans




Without your work most of us wouldn't have been able to understand a single word




...I don't get the end. DId he never awoke from his dream since chapter 33 and dreamt all that happaned in chapter 34 (no mobile phone number on the baseball bat)? Is anybody able to interpret it?

Give my times back!!


The manhwa  is good but sadly, the author dont known "how to make an ending"

Well. This sure was a waste of time

Just finished reading and. . . WTH?!

that was a wtf ending. I didn't see that coming at all. All of a sudden another dream sequence and done. Seriously, what was that? I feel dumbfound.

wow. read this because it was short and it was completed but I did not expect to see that sort of ending. 


My personal take? The author pulled a Night on the Galactic Railroad. The girl has a ticket, the boy doesn't. Maybe something happened when Yool went emo after that encounter...

@rajin90: Use spoiler tags. Your comment is incredibly inconsiderate towards the users who might glance at the comment section before reading those chapters.

AHH i  have read Chapter 33 and 34 today and


like everyone else i am saying  WHAT


Choi Yool Left the Baseball Bat and you can see Mobile Phone Number written at Top of Baseball Bat and then


Dong Wook call  Choi Yool run as fast as can and then


reach the empty station  YEAH Empty Station and then and then all The act of Choi Yool and then


Dong Wook Talk with Choi Yool . WHAT IS WHAT


Authors message to Teens is good or whatever but what about the whole story .


At start Chapter Appear Real World But  as soon as  Choi Yool receive The Call everything Becomes Odd and you start to wonder what is going on .


You can't even call it bittersweet End because there is no END in SIGHT there .


GOOD MANHWA but i am slightly Unhappy .


Perfectly stated, and exactly what I was thinking (only with a different vowel).

We were in the realm of reality this whole time, and then BAM!  Meta-frickin'-physical.  WUT?!  Felt like a cop-out. :(

Ok...... can someone explain to me ending? I think he made it in time to station and got on the same train(or just hit his head while running) and then they fall asleep hence dreaming part but i'm not sure about this since this manhwa seemed rushed near the end and the whole chapter was really strange. Just like i mentioned earlier can someone explain to it to me?,  i would be really grateful and even present you with a cookie.

Hmmm...went with a Dallas ending.  Possibly.


This journey often left more questions than answers, and I was never able to keep the people who looked alike straight.

That was so forced :(


Even if it was axed or something, that ending was quite disappointing.

I need an epilogue that takes 10 years in the future with them together


I need my closure

Ok can someone just pm me if this manga has a happy ending? I've read to chapter 22 so far and it's pretty depressing, don't wanna finish it unless it has a good ending. And no spoilers please.

urm, the ending is ... strange.




i have no idea what happend in the end, but it definitely wasnt a sad ending

I kinda liked their relationship. No blushing, no kissing and stuff, but still intimate. I don't know, maybe it's just nice to see something different. That ending though, damn.


Ok can someone just pm me if this manga has a happy ending? I've read to chapter 22 so far and it's pretty depressing, don't wanna finish it unless it has a good ending. And no spoilers please.

Ending feels rushed. Can't help but feel happy for the main characters though.

how could you feel happy for them I don't think they ever met again as stated earlier the end is just his dream and his boyhood ending could refer to him realizing that he needs to act in the now and not fuck it up like he did with Yool... Trust me I wish it was a happy ending for them but I just can't bring myself to believe that it is cause I enjoy happy endings more than anything else but it seems more like a I effed it up and I wish I hadn't type of ending

......I don't know about anyone else,

but I quite like these reflective endings

moments of tedium, moments of insanity and eventually followed by melancholic reflection

what an underwhelming ending.

but again, its not like i was expecting anything from this anyway...

This is too philosophical for me; back to Doremon for me.

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