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GE ~Good Ending~

Alt Names: alt Mutlu Sonalt نهاية حسنة
Author: Sasuga Kei
Artist: Sasuga Kei
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaEcchi EcchiHarem HaremRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShounen ShounenSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Utsumi is your everyday student. He is also a boy that has always had a strong sense of what is right in the world. With nothing but innocence and a mind that longs for his "significant other," Utsumi takes on one of the toughest subjects: love. With the help of the devious and mysterious Kurokawa Yuki, will Utsumi learn how to be fortunate in the game of love? Only through the ups and downs of real life, and the assistance of his friends, will Utsumi be able to take a bite out of life and learn just what love is.
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Just finished reading it recently ... it was good even though the ending was cliche for me, just so unrealistic ending i think it deserve the better way for the author to wrapped the ending for their relationship


The story from the beginning was good until the middle end, even it was really beating around a bush a lot, and the MC blockhead really makes me mad ..


warning spoiler


Not the best, but goddamn does it move the plot like a motherfucker. Definitely worth sticking it through to the end.

Just finished reading this all in one go to tide me over until the next chapter of Domestic na Kanojo comes out, I have to say it was a great read. There was a lot of tooing and froing with the main characters but poor Utsumi never annoyed me too much!
The only thing I would say was:


This is an awesome read. Although, I have the luxury of reading it in a single go, but I can feel the pain if I have to wait for weekly chapter.

The story is pretty good, not awesome, it's has too many cliche moment. However, what makes a great manga is not just a great story, the art is equally as important and Sasuga-sensei really excel in this part. The art is breathtaking, very detailed. Characters is drawn really well, despite some problem with minor characters that almost indistinguishable. Emotion is protrayed very well, I could relate with them, feel their sadness when they're sad, angry, happy, troubled, pain, etc.

Overall, this is a manga that play with your emotion a lot, there's some happy moments, but mostly depressing. Though, there's some comedy thrown in at the right moment, so it could make me smile from time to time. Finally, it resolves pretty well, Yuki smiles toward the end is very touching and makes me feel very happy. I'm a man, but I shed some tears reading through it.

It's a good ending, as the title suggests. I'll place this manga as one of the top romance manga in my heart, along with Ichigo 100% and I'is. A wonderul read.
ok did this really have a good ending?

Dang... Mssing chapters 135, 136, and 137...

Reading this after it was done was probably a saviour- not having to wait for each chapter every week, I can't imagine what that would be like, especially with the stunts the mangaka pulls with all those bait cliffhangers.


Got really irritating seeing that crap where someone does something at the end of the chapter as a cliffhanger, and basically by the beginning of the next they're just like "jokes" or *interrupted*. I swear the mangaka pulled that like fifty times in this manga. Most irritating and unnecessary thing ever, but really that's all I disliked about this manga. Loved everything else.


I liked it a lot and didn't notice the flaws everyone points out. It's probably one of my favourites.

This is the kind of drama that makes you scream at the screen of your pc like a retard, "JUST LET HIM LOVE YOU GOD DAMN IT!!"

My overall opinion of it all is that it was a good read. I like how the relationships between the characters change as the manga progressed.

What I did not like:

Oh yeah! I think Shou definitely gets pregnant with Seiji's baby. Shou's first child is probably Seiji's.

chapters 135 / 136  137 missing T_T

I realise it only at chapter 149 dammit!!!

An 'Amazing story' doesn't make you want to drop it at times.


variability in opinion towards a story contributes to whether the series overall is "amazing" or not. a story can't suit people's tastes all the time - that'd just tire readers out.

People often say; "This story was meh at best." Honestly, they can fall on a dick. This story beat around the bush a lot, and yeah there was times that I felt like dropping it. I really feel that this story has everyrthing that an amazing story has in reality. 

An 'Amazing story' doesn't make you want to drop it at times.

Good read. I thought it was as meh or average as some comments here. Well, I guess sometimes YMMV.


Honestly, it's kinda wavy. Every chapter has a cliffhanger which to me is a page turner. Let's just say the relationships between each character is way cliche and chaotic. Butta, I somehow can relate to the times when MC felt helpless over the entire situation, given that most problems are related to relationships, emotions, feelings and etc which are delicate, illogical and real. It's just that all characters have their own strengths and weaknesses, and how they choose to react in the given scenario. Nothing wrong or right, it's just how they act and react.


Butta, the ending, well... cliche, yet assuring. Everything has an answer, I guess. 


How I felt: Turbulence, real, chaotic, ups n downs, illogical, touching, good ending.

It's an okay read if it's your first time reading something like this. A problem with this manga, and others much like it, is that it is quite generic; flaunting nothing unique other than its art. I thought quite highly of it until chapter 60, but quickly simmered down to a once you've read it once, you've read them all type of stories. 


Bearing with the manga since 2011, I found the later chapters to be rather underwhelming given the wait time. However, it is an adequate babby's first.

(I realise this finished quite some time ago, I simply rediscovered it just now)

Ah, this is one of my favourite manga of all time. I had to drop it a few times but it was all worth it in the end, there were a few moments in this manga that reduced my soppy heart to an eternal ewer of tears. The scene at the summer festival with the fireworks and the photograph had me bawling xD


A massive thanks Sasuga Kei-sensei and the multitude of generous scanlators,


Good Day to you all ;)

obv spoilers below:


this is one of the few times where the manga being stretched really killed the story imo and the shoddy ending was masked by an undeserved "good" ending that was a fking 10 year time skip. 
the beginning was great, don't think anyone will deny that. but then came the horrific 90-150 wtf-fest. let's really analyze why this manga drops the ball as a romance - first of all there was no resolution on yuki's issues. she broke up in the first place cuz she had all these intimacy issues, and hey that never really got addressed again! just sorta shoved under the table. 


also i'm used to indecisive wuss MCs but this one was just a scumbag dragging along poor shou for almost FIFTY chapters. usually in these types of triangles the loser-girl only gets shafted for maybe 10-20, and it's totally clear it's not working out, and the loser girl is an obvious bad fit. but mc/shou looked genuinely happy at times and shou was written as a pretty great gf. all of these chapters did nothing to advance the plot and only make the mc look like a bigger dick when the inevitable breakup happened. also shou got a lousy ending, going back to the bastard ex. 


imo mangaka should've cut down the shou/mc relationship chapters to 10, make it clear it wasn't gonna work out much earlier and not drag it out. after that have more development between mc and yuki so u can see how they work out their issues even before they end up back together again (like 10-20). this development does not properly happen in the manga because mc is with shou this entire time. rescue arc can happn as is but now mc and yuki are much closer at resolving their issues and thus the catharsis of getting back together again officially feels more real. also make shou's ex way less of an asshole, i mean do you expect us to be happy she ends up with a guy who cheated on her a billion times and laughed in her face about it. everyone else's ending was fine tho. 

Kei Sasuga will begin Domestic na Kanojo in Shonen Magazine #21-22 (23/04).



Need wait for someone to pick this manga up

Kei Sasuga will begin Domestic na Kanojo in Shonen Magazine #21-22 (23/04).




Just read the first chapter... Sex on the first chapter, maybe this won't be a clusterfuck lasting 60 chapters more than it should have...


Get to the end... What could possibly go wrong?

Kei Sasuga will begin Domestic na Kanojo in Shonen Magazine #21-22 (23/04).



Was pretty lame at first but it really picked up in the last third, 7/10 overall

People often say; "This story was meh at best." Honestly, they can fall on a dick. This story beat around the bush a lot, and yeah there was times that I felt like dropping it. I really feel that this story has everyrthing that an amazing story has in reality. A lot of twists, emotion cringing parts, great back story, and a very good warm-fuzzy feeling at the end. I've read a good amount of these genres, and I can easily say that this one is one of the best. If you haven't read this, then you should if you usually read the romance genre. It's fucking worth the read.

fair ending, nothing more than that. average reading seeing this as an overall.

I feel bad for the blonde chick. Always the rebound girl.

ive never been a fan of this manga since i feel it's been overstretched but yea that sendoff/wrapup mini chapter is one of the best ive seen. still tho, he shouldve went with that kouhai from mcdonalds. she's hotter than all the other girls xD

The weird thing about this manga is that most of the story is pretty much condensed in the one-shot...

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