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GIRLS und PANZER - Lovey-Dovey Panzer

Alt Names:
Author: NII Maruko
Artist: NII Maruko
Genres: Comedy ComedyYuri Yuri
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Girls und Panzer 4-koma the author did before working on Motto Love Love Sakusen desu!

> Part of the GIRLS und PANZER series
( http://bato.to/search?name=GIRLS%20und%20PANZER&name_cond=c&genres=;e9&genre_cond=and )
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This was short but nonetheless made me kinda chuckle a bit. Definitely a bit ecchi more than none from the show. 


that's so short ...

I don't mind if there's more of this ...

That's it?

When I saw this page-


my first thought was-


Suddenly Darjeeling!

Ch 3, pg 5:

Girls und Panzer X Saki crossover confirmed.


... One more reason to refer to GnP as "Saki with TANKS!" XD

Chapter 2 p6 is a reference to Dual Parallel! Trouble Adventures.

Well, even if you didn't watch the anime, the joke in that page is actually quite simple: the implication is that Maruyama has the "sight" to see beyond her own world.


Also, I was very tempted to put "The panzers are ripe with the stench of bitches" as the title name for chapter 3.

Dont really understand the chapter 2 page 6, but love the Jin-Roh ref.

love the jin-roh reference

This is getting better. Thx Bookwurm for the work.

Not really. As long as you've watched the anime, then you aren't really missing out on anything.

I know I'm missing stuff as a result of not reading the other manga but damn this is bizarre.

The real power behind the student council throne revealed, lol!

Most of the translations were done by the folks at danbooru (and probably some /a/nons as well). I've decided to finish up the few strips and panels here and there that were still untranslated, do some editing and slap the texts on the print releases. Expect chapters 2 and so on to be out in the next few days.

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