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Gojikanme no Sensou - Home, Sweet Home!

Alt Names: alt 五時間目の戦争alt Gojikanme no Sensoualt The Fifth Hour of War - Home, Sweet Home!
Author: Yuu
Artist: Yuu
Genres: Drama DramaMystery MysteryRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeSci-fi Sci-fiSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of LifeTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: "The youth ensemble of love, food and war..."
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That picture at the end, reminds me of teemo if anyone plays league


and this story I realize have child like elements but rather dark lol

You know, that picture at the end might just give me nightmares.

That split second hair-rising moment in last page tho...


Creepy painting is creepy

If she dies im done reading this manga...

Let me poke that bleeding heart deeper

god why.... 

This whole plot line is getting a bit too confusing. Or rather, I'm unsure of what the plot line even is currently. The author seems to want to tell three or more stories at the same time, with all the confusion that ensues.
Wait what? They pray to a shrine and a kid magically appears?
Did this just turn into a manga about discovering the wonders of sex?

I thought this was gonna be like Ha Il-Kwon's After School War Activities in themes, but it seems to have gone the heavy science-fiction/mystery route.


It's still kinda interesting, although I feel as if the tragedy is lessened by it - not that that's a bad thing.

If she dies im done reading this manga...



The moment this manga gets the tragedy tag will be a really sad day.

I think there's a tragedy tag currently.

If she dies im done reading this manga...

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Can someone explain me what the heck happened between page 12 and 13? There seems to be enough missing for a whole chapter.

finally a good old fashion death, without pretzels  

The moment this manga gets the tragedy tag will be a really sad day.


Oh boy, here comes the twist.

New update!


The ads are bothersome..great work though.

WOW! What a great chapter! (8) Things are moving along nicely now... in that "dark way" I mean.

BTW, author/artist's Pixiv here:



1. This is time of war and on the losing side, the one tell them about enemy will be the experienced soldier while there is no training. My old math teacher who is an ex-soldier in Vietnam War tell us that he survived as a new horn because he followed and mimic an old strong looking man in his squad.

2. More meat wall more better.

3. What do you give them then? Between useless gun + indifferent morale and useless gun + crumble morale, what will you choose as your soldier?

Two words : Middle schoolers.

They don't tell shit about the enemy nor give them any training. And send them on designated time... It's more like sending sacrifices than actually expecting them to fight.

Saishuheki Kanojo had the same peacefulness and then  world despair. So far it doesn't seem like heading for that much despair but a shitty situation, like the one about world government and El Dorado (forgot the title).

Although the mangaka did really well for wolf children, this manga falls short of that..

His approach on this "invisible looming war" that hangs in front of everyone's head feels kinda fake, even unrealistic setting of who's gonna die/injure/missing next


He could have just taken out the "war" aspect and just did a decent high school romance manga

I think the feeling of falsity is intentional. Their homeroom teacher's behavior, the talking stuffed animal, and the seeming importance our the runner MC and female cook MC all reflect on the strangeness of this war torn setting and the contrast of the children's peaceful island life as being somehow constructed to some, likely nefarious, ends. Sekizen's (Glasses-kun's) doubts about the war, his investigations, and his theories, including those about the sky pillar and the possibility that the war has already been 'lost' all lend to the possibility that something strange is happening on the island and that this story, "Home, Sweet Home", feels like a farce not because the story is poorly told but rather because the story is so excellently told and the mysteries are being slowly unfolded before us.

This reminds me of Afterschool war Activities... But not as dark (so far at least).

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