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Gosu (The Master)

Alt Names: alt 고수
Author: Ryu Ki-Woon
Artist: Moon Jung-Hoo
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureComedy ComedyFantasy FantasyMartial Arts Martial ArtsShounen ShounenWebtoon Webtoon
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Ongoing
Description: A young man set forth to avenge his master, a once powerful martial artist who was betrayed by his own men and barely escaped with his life. Armed with his master's supreme martial art techniques, he is ready to bring terror and wreak havoc among the murim. But before he even got started, he learns that the ones who had betrayed his master are already dead... Erm, so what happens now?

Raws found at: http://comic.naver.com/webtoon/list.nhn?titleId=662774&weekday=wed
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Title Group Contributor Date
Ch.71: Wild Dogs (13)
Supreme Cream Scanlations SupremeCreamScans 4 days ago
Ch.70: Wild Dogs (12)
Supreme Cream Scanlations SupremeCreamScans A week ago
Ch.69: Wild Dogs (11)
Supreme Cream Scanlations SupremeCreamScans 2 weeks ago
Ch.68: Wild Dogs (10)
Supreme Cream Scanlations SupremeCreamScans 3 weeks ago

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i think this will follow the path of yongbi, i mean at first it will be comedic then in the middle it will start to get serious will a little comedic scenes from time to time

Are the pages in ch3 out of sequence?


No, the pages are in the right order. It can sometimes look out of order when the chapter is still loading.

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Are the pages in ch3 out of sequence?

Thanks for the update!

I feel he gained more weight with those dumpling

Neat but just wow....at this point our MC should just start flying in the sky xD

LMAO! This is getting pretty fucking good. XD

I don't even know why this webtoon is so good. I just fucking love it.

I really like that the artist kept the same style of art & humor as in Yongbi. This just keeps getting better.

hahahaha I'm hooked! This is great! Thank you Supreme Cream Scanlations :D

I accidentally the whole building.

"Nah, nah, it's alright, ignore the fact I took out your assassin."

Don't tell me the shop granny is also some sort of martial arts master...

Okay, prologue didn't *quite* reel me in, but these two chapters definitely have :D


Looking forward to more of this.

Three chapters, three surprising twists. Already a better streak than Shyamalan.



That the horrors of Asians make up master



The wonders of good makeup are unfathomable.

Alright, you got me.

Now he can open a big dumpling joint and eat jumbo dumplings everyday!

Close enough.

batoto needs a new tag: Overpowered MotherF*ckers...a lot of them have cropped up (mahouka, sky wizards academy, ultimate antihero, classroom of heroes, overlord, new gate, etc..)..and i'm reading all of them...

Wanted to write that while different, this feels a lot like Yongbi. Which is awesome. Instant follow. Then I looked at the authors, double instant follow, there wasn't even a need to read it first.

Damn dude. That was unexpected.
So good, so OP Honestly at first i think the ex-prisoners boy is the MC but its the fatso, lol

Every chapter so far has been an amusing surprise.

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