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Granulated Sugar

Alt Names: alt 砂糖;alt Emery Sugaralt Сахарный песок
Author: MEGURO Amu
Artist: MEGURO Amu
Genres: Oneshot OneshotRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Gosutorai has very shoujo-like dreams, even though he's a boy. He decides that he wants to have his first kiss only at his wedding, and his girlfriend, Kogure Nao, thought that was cute. But dreams are still just dreams, aren't they?


> Honey
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Very sweet. Unless an arranged marriage, I highly doubt you can date without kissing and touching each other at the very least.

*coughs out sugar cubes*

very very cute :^)

hahahahahahahahaha e davvero divertente ci sono rimasta con la bocca spalancata davvero davvero divertente :D

Ohhh... so now we know what will happen to them.. Haha.. Maybe I should have not read this. *boink!

nice to see a glimpse into the future of honey ^.^

Very cute.
so cute !!
Guys, I need help. I went into some sort of diabetic shock after reading this manga, and I can't reach my phone to call 911. I need someone to help a brutha out, and mail me a gallon or two of insulin.
@p3pe you were right :D (I already went ahead and dl'd it from iemonsy though)
it's very cute and fluffy, but as far as oneshots go, it didn't have much of a story line ^^"
@ Jeanjake: I think the chapter will up tomorrow, since iemonsy, the scanlator, has 3 days delay. Iemonsy released this 2 days ago...
@romcom this is my first O: must find more then... lol
No english? :(
Hahahha We are the same romcom
Why am I a sucker for shoujo manga with a male protaginist?

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